What other types of electrical components can S2S Group collect?

Along with PCB boards, S2S Group can collect ICs, CPU’s, and Microprocessors in all forms including:

  • DIP – Dual-in-line package
  • SOIC – SOIC-8 8-bit microcontrollers
  • SOJ – Small-Outline J-Leaded Package
  • QFP – Quad flat package
  • PLCC – Programmable logic controllers
  • LCC – Leadless chip carrier
  • PGA – Programmable gain amplifier
  • BGA – Ball grid array

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Circuit board collection and recycling

How is S2S Group able to pay you for your scrap?

Circuit boards contain an array of metals that can be extracted from the PCB bases and recycled. S2S Group can buy these components to extract metals such as gold, palladium, and copper. Due to the extraction of these metals, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for your scrap.

Benefits of Recycling with S2S Group

• Full collection of scrap material from your site anywhere in the UK
• Fully accredited destruction with certification of destruction
• Zero waste direct to landfill
• Metal recovery – S2S Group offers highly competitive prices

With our dedicated fleet of vehicles, we are able to collect your bulk circuit board scrap from anywhere in the UK. By contacting S2S Group you will be able to arrange the collection at a time and location that suits you.

Do you have scrap circuit boards ready for collection?

For more information on the material that S2S Group is able to recover and a full list of other services available, get in touch with S2S Group customer support. We can arrange a full collection as well as advise on the recycling process involved and quote based on the weight of the components that you have.

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Simply tell us the details of the circuit boards you have, including the total weight of components ready for collection

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Extraction of metals from PCBs

S2S Group is able to extract and recycle your PCB circuit boards. This is how S2S Group are able to offer such competitive rates for your scrap

Certificate of destruction

You will be provided with an accredited certificate of destruction for added peace of mind

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