Step 1: Explore Services

Take your time to explore the range of services S2S Group offers. From data destruction to WEEE recycling and technical solutions, each service is designed to cater to different aspects of secure and sustainable electronics management.

An introduction to S2S Group services
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Step 2: Contact Information

On the website, you’ll easily find contact information to get in touch with S2S Group’s dedicated team. Whether you prefer a phone call or email, reaching out to their experts is the next logical step in arranging an IT asset collection.

Contact S2S Group
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Step 3: Consultation and Assessment

Upon reaching out, S2S Group’s professionals will guide you through a consultation process. This step is crucial to understand your specific needs, the type and volume of electronics to be collected, and any unique requirements your business might have.

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Step 4: Proposal and Agreement

Based on the consultation, S2S Group will provide you with a tailored proposal outlining the scope of services, collection schedule, and associated costs. Once you’re satisfied with the proposal, an agreement will be established to formalize the arrangement.

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Step 5: Collection Preparation

Before the scheduled collection date, ensure that the electronics to be collected are properly prepared. This includes safely disconnecting devices and securing any sensitive data. S2S Group’s experts can guide you through the proper preparation steps to ensure a smooth collection process.

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Step 6: Collection Day

On the agreed-upon collection day, S2S Group’s trained professionals will arrive at your location to safely collect the electronics. Their team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle the collection efficiently and securely. If on-site disposal is required a specialist shredding truck.

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Step 7: Documentation

S2S Group prioritiSes transparency and accountability. Upon an IT asset collection, you’ll receive documentation that outlines the items collected, ensuring a clear record of the electronics being responsibly managed. Everything is manifested, on or off-site through its secure processing.

Step 8: Recycling and Data Destruction

Once collected, S2S Group employs its state-of-the-art facilities to recycle and process the electronics according to industry standards. Any data-bearing devices undergo secure data destruction, ensuring your confidential information remains protected. Media is erased or destroyed by its specialist industrial-grade machinery or approved Data Erasure methods.

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Step 9: Certification of destruction

What if you could track your electronic assets in real-time? With S2S Group’s Online Client Portal – you can. Trakk-IT is S2S Group’s unique asset manifesting system used to monitor all assets collected for secure processing offering complete visibility from start to finish. Destruction certificates and reports are issued and uploaded to the customer portal ready for download.

Track and manage your assets with Trakk-IT

Step 10: Contributing to Sustainability

By arranging a collection with S2S Group, you’re not only ensuring the secure management of your electronics but also contributing to sustainable practices and responsible e-waste recycling. Your actions align with global environmental goals and foster a greener future.

Environmental Sustainability
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Why choose S2S Group for your WEEE collections?

In a world where electronics play a pivotal role, taking responsible steps towards their end-of-life management is vital. S2S Group’s streamlined collection process ensures that you can fulfill your corporate responsibility effortlessly while embracing a sustainable mindset. Contact S2S Group today to embark on a journey towards secure and sustainable electronics recycling.

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