What is S2S Group's Test and Clean Scheme?

Serving as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new products, S2S Group’s test and clean scheme allows businesses to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished, sanitized, and returned to them. One main purpose of this scheme is to prevent usable assets going to landfill waste and instead introducing organisation’s to the refurbish and reuse process where S2S Group upcycles devices to look and work like new.

Along with this, S2S Group also offers mobile phone accessories for returned mobiles to help users keep their mobiles safe and usable for longer with screen protectors, chargers, and cases.

Before and after S2S Group's Test & Clean service

Who can use this scheme?

This scheme can be used by any organisation.

The test and clean scheme offers the perfect solution for organisation’s wanting to save money by refreshing and reusing their mobile phones, avoiding the big cost that comes with buying new devices annually. The scheme consists of S2S Group’s mobile phone technicians Blancoo data erasing the devices, assessing the device’s functions to make sure they’re all working, and processing all devices by uploading them onto our WB3 system.

This service makes sure S2S Group redeploys high-quality mobile phones to clients by grading them from A to D depending on the condition of the mobile phone. If a mobile phone received is of bad quality, S2S Groups technicians refresh the asset by repairing any damages making it just like new.

3 mobile phones laid on a table.

3 Main Stages of Test & Clean

Stage 1: Blancco Data Erasure

All devices get their data permanently erased via Blancco’s Data Erasure software.

Stage 2: Assessing

Then each device will be checked to see if all functions are working i.e., camera, touch, speaker etc. The technicians at S2S Group check these functions manually.

Stage 3: Processing

Each device then gets processed through S2S Group’s bespoke WB3 system and graded accordingly.

The 3 main stages of the Test & Clean scheme.

The 4 Mobile Phone Grades

Grade A:

Perfect Condition

Grade B:

Good Condition

Grade C:

General Wear & Tear

Grade D:

Damaged (cracked screen / housing etc.)

Cracked iPhone.

The 3 Main Benefits to the Test & Clean Scheme

Benefit 1: Cost-effective

The Test and Clean Scheme is a cost-effective alternative. The scheme refreshes and refurbishes mobile phone devices to make them like brand new. These devices are then redeployed out to organisation’s resulting in a much better and cost-effective solution than organisation’s purchasing new products regularly.

Benefit 2: Accessories

S2S Group equips each mobile phone device with accessories such as; phone case, screen protector, and charger. Providing full protection for all devices.

Benefit 3: Sustainable

The test and clean scheme provides the ideal sustainable solution by preventing unusable assets going to waste. The scheme uses the reduce, reuse, and recycle method, meaning S2S Group refreshes mobile phones to function and look like new, allowing organisation’s to reuse devices and contribute to their sustainability commitments.


Mobile phone accessories.



Either S2S Group or a trusted courier will collect your mobile phone devices.


Mobile phone’s are then asset tracked to S2S Group’s site and processed.


After being processed mobiles are then cleaned using NCSC approved Blancco software.


After mobile phones have been cleaned, they are then refurbished and either redeployed or re-sold.


Any mobile devices which fail testing are securely destroyed or recycled. All necessary paper work is provided and payment is processed.

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