S2S Group provides specific monitor recycling for Laptop screens

For larger quantities of monitor processing orders, we will:

  • Grade your monitors suitable for either recycling or refurbishment
  • If graded suitable for refurbishment they with then be professionally cleaned
  • Once the monitors have been cleaned, they are then ready for testing
  • Hold – Ready for dispatch – Either to a specified location or individual locations (for homeworkers for example) Our monitors are dispatched boxed up and we can even provide accessories such as keyboards, mice, and cables. We can even provide monitors with new stands and housing.


WEEE Legislation and Recycling Monitors

Like the treatment of other Waste Electricals, WEEE legislation stipulates that users must store, collect, treat, recycle, and dispose separately from other types of commercial waste. You are now required by the legislation to be able to provide proof of correct WEEE disposal of monitors and screens.

Laptop, monitor and screen recycling and refurbishment

For the full range of S2S Group WEEE recycling services - Download our borchure

Download the S2S Group WEEE recycling brochure

PC Monitor Recycling and Refurbishment

S2S Group can recycle or refurbish a range of PC Monitors. S2S Group is also able to recycle and refurbish base units if required.

Monitor Recycling and Refurbishment

Laptop Monitor Recycling and Refurbishment

If you have a specific laptop monitor refurbishment or recycling requirement get in touch with S2S Group. Courier or collection services can be arranged, depending on the size of your requirement.

Laptop Screen Recycling and Refurbishment

Screen Monitor Recycling and Refurbishment

S2S Group is able to recycle older screens and monitors at our specialist facility. For newer screens, refurbishment; including cleaning and housing services are offered.

Screen Recyling and Refurbishment

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