Enhanced device protection

Additionally, we provide a range of mobile phone accessories, including:

  • Privacy Glass Screen Protectors
  • Protective Rubber Cases
  • Lightning Charger Leads for Apple iPhones
  • USB Charging Plugs for Apple iPhones
  • USB Charging Plug and Lead Packs, enhancing device protection and their residual value at the end of life.

Mobile phone accessories.

Benefits of Our Refurb & Redeploy Scheme

  • Huge Savings:Reusing your internal fleet results in significant cost savings, as our managed process ensures a quick turnaround, maintaining functional handsets without the need for purchasing new devices
  • Accessories: Our additional accessories, such as Privacy Glass Screen Protectors and Protective Rubber Cases, safeguard your handset fleet from accidental damage, keeping them in the best physical condition.
  • Data Security – GDPR: We employ approved Blancco erasure software to securely erase all data on the devices, guaranteeing the permanent eradication of sensitive information. During this process, devices are also updated with the latest software versions, such as iOS.

Secure data destruction methods such as shredding and degaussing.

  • Buy Back Schemes: Should you decide not to reuse certain devices, we offer a rebate based on current market rates. Devices in better physical condition generate a higher financial return, making protective measures financially sensible.
  • Warranty: All refurbished and repaired devices come with a comprehensive 6-month warranty. Our device tracking system identifies early-life failures and repeat failures for swift removal from your fleet.
  • Environmental: By reusing handsets and redeploying them in fully recyclable packaging, we contribute to environmental preservation. Additionally, we calculate your CO2 savings each year, providing you with a score for CSR reporting.

Image of hand and plant

Refurb and Redeploy Process:

  1. Collection: Secure collection is carried out by our own security-cleared staff, with tracking and pre-arrangements for added security. Receipt at our facility is electronically confirmed.
  2. Testing: Each item is recorded, function tested, and graded to provide an accurate representation. We utilize CESG-approved software for data erasure, ensuring certified and secure data erasure.
  3. Reporting: Our bespoke online Trakk-IT portal provides asset reports for each device at every stage of the process, allowing you to make informed decisions on device returns.
  4. Repair and Refurbish: Upon confirming the handsets to be returned, our engineers carry out any necessary repairs or refurbishments within the agreed SLA. Additionally, we upgrade devices to the latest software versions.
  5. Return: All handsets are returned to you in recyclable packaging, and we offer the option to add screen protectors and protective cases for enhanced protection, presenting them back ready for redeployment.

Refurbishing a mobile phone ready for redeployment

Choose S2S Group’s Refurb & Redeploy Scheme, and let us empower your business with cost savings, data security, and environmental responsibility. Contact us to know more and take a step towards a sustainable mobile phone reuse solution.

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