About the vehicle

S2S Group collaborated with Ulster Shredders who built and installed the shredder based on S2S Group’s bespoke requirements.

The new data destruction vehicle has the U-45SBHD shredder model installed. Included in this model is the state of the art dual shred feature which can shred your IT assets down to 2mm, or to meet your required particle size, in line with the IA5 Standards. The new machine uses the latest technology to simultaneously destroy both hard and soft media types at volume.

With S2S Group’s data destruction fleet, there are multiple solutions to match your requirements.

shredding IT equipment

S2S Group's Bespoke features

  • The Dual Shredding Chamber allows S2S Group to offer its clients high-volume dual-size data destruction. The dual shredding chamber is suitable for but not exclusive to hard drives and SSDs.
  • The installed work area, allows S2S Group to strip down IT Assets in order to gain access to and destroy the stored and sensitive data.
  • The vehicle’s extra storage space also provides the opportunity for S2S Group to carry away non-data-bearing assets to its Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) for further recycling, ensuring zero waste is sent directly to landfill.
  • S2S Group fitted CCTV to enable its clients to monitor the destruction of their assets from a suitable location.

Key features of S2S Group's new shredding vehicle, which include dual shredder ensuring full destruction of IT electronics and work bench for scanning.

Where can the truck go?

Anywhere within the UK.

S2S Group’s new shredding truck has provided them with the opportunity to perform on-site shredding at its clients’ sites.  No matter how big or small the job is S2S Group will find a way to help you.

S2S Group's new data destruction truck can go anywhere within the UK, including Northern Ireland.

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