8 Key Facts About the ADISA Standard 8.0 and Certification

One of the key benefits of the DIAL Rating system is that organisations can quickly calculate risk using a standard set of questions.

Later this month S2S will be launching such a tool to allow companies to score their risk factors and receive their DIAL Rating. S2S can look at whether the collection and IT disposal processes need to be on: low, medium, or high-risk levels.

S2S will match the service to meet that risk. The benefits of the whole process and the DIAL Rating means that the collection itself is compliant with the UK GDPR regulations, it mitigates the risk and it’s legal.

Finally, the whole process is audited by ADISA meaning that the data controller does not have to audit the process themselves.

8 Facts About Certification

1. ADISA standard Is endorsed by the ICO
2. Took 2 years to develop the standard and be approved by ICO as a recognised UK GDPR certification scheme
3. Complies with UK GDPR
4. Standard 8.0 is the only ITAD Asset Disposal certification mapped to law.
5. By creating a DIAL, you can manage 31 risks based on your own specific business security needs.
6. The standard can be used as evidence for GDPR compliance
7. Not using a certified company can be regarded as evidence of non-compliance
8. Works alongside the VICTAR variables which help establish a specific and effective DIAL Rating.

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