High level degaussers for hire

For on site elimination of data on your magnetic storage media, S2S Data Solutions are now hiring High Level NSA approved degaussers.

With full training provided by S2S data destruction experts, the Garner TS-1 degausser is easy to operate and will erase data to the highest security levels in just 45 seconds. To ensure complete erasure, degaussers available to hire from S2S Data Solutions meet all the compliance standards for government mandates requiring complete elimination of information stored on magnetic media prior to re-use or disposal.

With organisations responsible for protecting their client, employee and proprietary information by securely removing it from old devices and media, on site degaussing provides a cost effective, compliant, erasing solution, suitable for Top Secret data. For complete peace of mind, S2S Data Solutions are able to provide physical destruction of any media after degaussing.

For more information on data erasure, dagausser hire or physical data destruction solutions from S2S, please contact 01709 878878.

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