Benefits of going direct to S2S Group for Specialist Imaging and Deployment

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Although completely possible, specialist imaging and deployment can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Added to this, increasing numbers of larger businesses now have a significant proportion of their workforce working from remote locations, at home for example.

Factor in the sheer number of devices that may need imaging services and you could be tasked with a specialist service that is increasingly difficult to complete without contracting out to specialists.

S2S Group provides this specialist imaging & deployment service for your desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers. Deployment of bespoke images to PCs and Laptops which are specific to an organisation and will include:

  • Software packages
  • Company branding
  • Monitoring/security software
  • Latest updates & patches

The importance of quality and secure imaging service

S2S Group understands that each specialist imaging and deployment job is different and can therefore offer a tailored approach. Any job that needs rapid completion to the highest standards is part of the service on offer, due to the vast professional expertise and number of technical professionals available to work on your job.

The security of your assets is the S2S Group’s number one priority. Accreditation to ISO 27001 standards, logging, and tracking of each asset is there to provide you with the reassurance that any job is carried out to the highest possible standards.

Further to this all client machines are imaged/provisioned on a segregated network with no access to other subnets.

Flexible specialist imaging to suit your needs

By going direct to S2S Group, you can select not just what is imaged and deployed, but how that imaging is done. There are different options available, these include:

  • Golden Image – You are able to send in a device as a template that S2S Group can capture and redeploy using our imaging software
  • Over a secure network using SCCM DP via IPSEC VPN
  • Using USB external storage devices
  • Azure Intune Autopilot provisioning. As more companies make the move to cloud computing, Intune Autopilot allows companies to deploy the same image and build to client PCs from the setoff. S2S Group can harvest your hardware hashes, upload them to Intune, and provision the kit ready for deployment to the end-user.

Follow this link to find out how S2S Group can tailor its Specialist Imaging and Deployment Services to suit your needs as a business.

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