S2S Group’s 2023 Charity Steps Challenge – Raising Money for Paces Charity

S2S Groups Step Challenge and Skydive For Paces
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S2S Group's 2023 Charity Steps Challenge!
S2S Group’s 2023 Charity Steps Challenge!

S2S Group’s Steps Challenge Returns for 2023

S2S Group’s Charity Steps challenge makes a return with 26 staff members on board to participate in the challenge. The aim of the challenge was to walk as many steps as you can over a week’s duration whether it be by; walking, running, hiking, skipping, dancing, cycling, or any other way to increase your step count. The 26 staff members then got split up into 6 different teams (see image below).

Overall, all teams covered 2,876,479 steps calculating around 1,282 miles. Meaning they could have walked to places like France and Germany!

This year’s winners were team Wolf, who walked an overall 639,440 steps 👏🏼

To help encourage donations to our chosen Charity Paces, S2S Group organised and ran a:

  • Speed ball pool tournament 🎱
  • A raffle to be in the chance to win 2x Paces chocolate bouquets 🍫

Alongside this everyone got to enjoy some delicious hot dogs and burgers provided be Ben at Farinas Artisan Pizza. This was a great way to celebrate the end of the challenge.

S2S Group has an active goal to raise and donate £500 to Paces, if anyone or any organisation’s are in a position to donate to support S2S Group in reaching its fundraiser goal, please click here.

ALL donations are greatly appreciated by everyone at S2S Group and Paces

About Paces

Paces are a specialist centre, charity, and school for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and Motor Disorders.

Paces have an ever-growing reputation for excellence in Conductive Education. Conductive Education as a holistic approach is unique and highly effective in meeting the learning needs of children and young people.

Paces offer a variety of support and services such as; family support, home visits, outings, and buying specialist equipment which enables children and adults to achieve the highest level of independence in life.

Click the link below to find out more about the great work that Paces do and how you can show them support.

More information on Paces

Paces Logo

About S2S Group’s 2022 Charity Steps Challenge

In 2022 S2S Group organised and ran its first internal Charity Steps Challenge. Overall everyone walked 3,124,870 steps calculated to just under 1,500 miles. Meaning they could have walked to places like; Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and many others. The winners of the 2022 challenge was team Zebra who walked overall 745,547 steps!

S2S Group also raised a whopping £1,500 for Paces, a whole £500 over their fundraising target.

Due to the huge success of the last one, S2S Group’s challenge makes a return in 2023 and aims for even bigger targets!

For more information on S2S Group’s 2022 Challenge, please click here.

S2S Group’s Fundraisers

S2S Group has worked closely with Paces continually and aims to do so further in the future. Internal events such as a Pool Tournament, Tuck Shop, and Bake Sale as well as their “Skydive for Paces” fundraiser means that S2S Group has managed to already raise a big amount for Paces. Last year S2S Group raised and donated £7,265 to Paces!

S2S Group’s Just Giving Page for their Skydive has already seen many donations. All donations are greatly appreciated!

If you’re in a position to donate, visit the Just Giving Page here.

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