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We pride ourselves on being one of the most accredited IT Asset Disposal companies (ITADs) in the UK. This includes being certified by the globally known certifying body ADISA. Our business, and others like us, work hard to keep our processes secure for the benefit of our clients and prove these efforts through certifications and accreditations.

Choosing to use a certified ITAD partner is important. To help you understand what it means to be ADISA accredited, we’ve put together an explanation of who the organisation are and their importance in the industry of asset disposal.

Who is ADISA and why are they important?

At its core, ‘ADISA is an industry certificate scheme for businesses who provide IT Asset Disposal services’, like ours. They do the leg work on ITAD companies to find out if their services comply with regulations and data protection laws. When you see that an ITAD is ADISA certified, you can be sure their data destruction services are safe to use.

Because of this, it’s wise to be wary of services offered by unaccredited businesses. These companies have no proof that they are taking client data securely and in line with the law. Businesses caught improperly disposing of data can be faced with hefty fines, loss of reputation, and jeopardized client trust.

How does being ADISA certified provide peace of mind?

Through the use of regular audits, the scheme assesses an ITADs process to see if they comply with set standards. Complying with data protection laws and GDPR law are elements that the body assess and then accredit a business with if they pass.

Most importantly, the scheme helps to provide an industry standard by which all companies who offer ITAD services should abide. This is entirely for the customer’s benefit to let them know which businesses are safe to use. As the world of data protection can be difficult, ADISA helps customers find safe and secure services to use.

Furthermore, their website also includes a list of ADISA certified members, allowing clients to research their chosen ITAD partner to check their compliance. we are proud to be a part of this list, providing extra reassurance to our clients that our services are secure.

Text displayed over image of earth: ADISA CERTIFICATION FOR ITAD. ADISA is an industry certification scheme for companies who provide IT Asset Disposal services and offers product approvals for companies with products which sanitise data.
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What does it mean if a business is not ADISA accredited?

Although an ITAD which is not ADISA accredited may still be safe to use, customers should be very wary. Data handled by unaccredited businesses may be vulnerable to infiltration or breach. Without proof their services are secure to use from an accrediting body, they could doing anything with your sensitive data.

In other words, an ITAD which looks to be safe may not be, as no one has actively checked over their processes and provided that important stamp of approval. Although reviews can be an indicator of good service, these are not a replacement for an ADISA accreditation.

If you choose to use an unaccredited ITAD provider, you put the data you hand over to them at risk. Without knowing the standards by which they operate, you don’t know how securely they are storing and destroying your data. As a result of a situation like this, one company ‘faced lawsuits due to an ITAD data mishap’ where data was improperly wiped, resulting in a potential data breach.

The key message

If in doubt, don’t use an ITAD which is not certified. Using an accredited ITAD is a quick and simple check which could save your business in the future. 

If your business is looking to erase the data on its IT Assets, contact us.

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