Eliminate this one key risk to your business in 4 easy steps

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Don’t put your business IT assets at risk. Always opt for a secure Data Erasure or Destruction process.

WEEE recycling and data destruction
S2S Group has a range of accredited data destruction processes

What is Data Destruction?

Data destruction is the irreversible physical destruction of electronic media using approved, accredited shredding and degaussing processes.

S2S Group has a range of accredited data destruction processes depending on the media type and the requirements given. Therefore whatever your business needs, S2S Group can provide you with the right process.

Blancco gold partner badge
S2S Group is a Blancco Channel Gold Partner

What is Data Erasure?

Data Erasure is a software-based data-wiping process for complete erasure.

As S2S Group are Blancco Gold Partners, their data erasure processes are secure and can meet your specific requirements, meaning that this process eliminates all reputational risks that your business could have faced.

Eliminate data leaking from data assets in 4 easy steps

Step 1) Contact the S2S Group Team

S2S Group’s team will collect your assets to return to our secure facility., unless you would prefer to do it on-site. For this reason, S2S Group does have a shredding truck that they can send if on-site disposal is required.

Step 2) Asset Manifest

Secondly, assets are manifested, on or off-site through S2S Group’s secure processing.

Step 3) Data Eradicated

Thirdly, media is erased or destroyed by its approved and accredited data erasure process.

Step 4) Certification

Once all is complete, destruction certificates and reports are issued to the client and uploaded.

Which Method is right for you?

Not sure which method is right for your business? Get in contact with S2S Group – they can help you choose the best process for data disposal depending on your security and reuse requirements.

Why choose S2S Group for Data Destruction?

S2S Group is an established asset disposal company, who have built a status for its accredited and approved processes. Above all, Their secure Data Erasure and Destruction process ensures that your business is not put at risk.

If you want to find out more about Data Destruction/Erasure and Shredding as well as how your business can benefit from choosing a company with approved and accredited processes, visit our Secure Data Destruction page.

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