Employees have ‘no idea of the value of business data’

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A 2017 survey has found that employees do not understand the value of business data. They consider and rate the security of their own personal data as more important.

The survey findings

From the 1000 UK employees questioned by One Poll, just 7% said that they considered business data to be more important than their own personal data. A mere 43% somewhat or completely agreed they have “no idea of the value of business data”.

When questioned about business data security, only 13% of respondents knew what measures were in place at their organisation. Almost a quarter (23%) felt like more could be done. Just 11% felt that work emails were more secure than personal emails. Indicating a further lack of confidence in business data security.

What to do next

The survey highlights the need for companies to educate employees about protecting their own data and address concerns surrounding business security.

It is more important than ever to educate your employees on the value of your business data and the importance of keeping it safe.

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