5 Shocking Environmental Facts to Convince Your Boss to go Green

5 shocking environmental facts to convince your boss to go green
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It’s no secret that we all need to do our bit to protect the planet. Although we as employees know our businesses could do more to reduce their environmental impact, convincing decision makers can be difficult.

To help convince your boss to get on board and go green, we’ve curated the most shocking environmental facts around the impact UK businesses have on our planet, and what they can do to help reduce it.

1. The UK has a target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035.

To tackle the UK’s carbon footprint, the government has pledged to cut emissions by 78% by 2035. This is a significant reduction that will need the support of both individuals and businesses to be achievable. If met, the pledge will bring the UK more than three-quarters of the way closer to becoming net-zero by 2050.

To help meet this ambitious promise, businesses all across the UK will have to make changes to their processes. The government has already secured pledges ‘from a third of the UK’s largest businesses to eliminate their contribution to climate change by 2050’. This means businesses that have not already made plans to become more eco-friendly risk being left behind as the government seeks to support those who will help meet the target.

2. 1 in 3 consumers have stopped purchasing from a business because they weren’t eco-conscious.

A recent study by Deloitte found that since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have altered their buying habits. When considering purchasing an item or service, there’s no doubt consumers are doing their research. To ensure they’re supporting an ethical business, consumers are now more likely to search the environmental values and facts around them.

34% of consumers were found to choose brands with environmentally sustainable practices over those which did not. This means that there could be up to a third of your potential customers lost to other sustainable businesses. 

As consumers become more aware and conscious of the issues of climate change, this percentage is likely to increase. Choosing not to implement and invest in eco-friendly business practices not only harms the planet but also could harm the success and reputation of your company.

3. Waste reduction is the main sustainable practice that buyers value.

During Deloitte’s survey, there were 3 main values which consumers looked for when considering buying from a business:

  • 44% of consumers valued Waste Reduction Practices
  • 43% of consumers valued Circular Practices
  • 43% of consumers valued commitments to Reducing Carbon Emissions

To help convince your boss to become greener, choosing to reduce, reuse, and recycle your business E-waste will meet these values collectively.

Reducing E-waste has many eco-friendly benefits and can easily be implemented through the use of an ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) company. Once contacted, an ITAD can pick up your redundant electronics and sustainably dispose of them for you. This will not only make your business more eco-friendly but also deal with the problem of disposing of old electrical items.

Still unsure your boss will be convinced? Our next environmental fact is sure to highlight the difference recycling E-waste can make…

4. Only 17% of E-waste was recycled sustainably.

In facts gathered from the Global E-waste Monitor, it was found that, although electronic elements have a high potential for reuse, only 17% of it is recycled sustainably. 

Choosing to recycle or even reuse electronics has many different benefits from increased data security to reduced financial costs. However, this percentage is an easy one to improve by encouraging your business to recycle your old electronics through a certified ITAD.

As mentioned in our third environmental fact, consumers value waste reduction and circular practices, so improving how your business takes care of its E-waste, can appeal to these consumers.

5. The value of the raw materials in the 2019 E-waste stream amounts to £44.8 million.

The cost of electronic waste may not come to mind when thinking of reducing environmental impact. However, to help convince your boss to get on board with E-waste disposal, have them consider the financial benefits.

Electronics are valuable pieces of equipment containing rare elements such as gold and copper. This means old items can hold potential revenue to those willing to use an ITAD over throwing them away.

By taking your old business computers, laptops, and other devices to an ITAD, you can gain a cash rebate on those items, generating capital from items that you were ultimately gathering dust. Often, if the assets are usable, your company could even save money on the cost of buying new devices by simply refurbishing and reusing the ones you currently have.

Environmental facts aren’t the only way to convince your boss…

Environmental facts and figures are beneficial to show the importance of reducing a business’s impact on the planet. However, when approaching anyone at your business, you should always consider the wider picture of how to make your eco-friendly ideas work.

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