New kit installed to help clients reuse their tape assets

Data Erasure: New tape reuse kit installed
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As part of our data destruction and data wiping services, we have purchased and installed a new piece of technology to destroy data on tape cartridges. The new machine called ‘KIT’ is the first of its kind to be used by an ITAD in the UK and will allow our clients to completely erase data on tape cartridges so they can be reused.

How does KIT work?

KIT stands for ‘kills information on tape’, which is exactly what the machine does when a tape cartridge is passed through its system.

KIT Machine reading 'erasing tape forward'

The machine, developed by Insurgo, works by eliminating data on a cartridge via a non-wearing magnetic head which removes all traces of readable data. This process is a fully secure method of data destruction and leaves the tapes able to be reused as certified tape media.

‘I’m excited to see our Partner Programme in the UK growing further. I believe this synergy will help the S2S Group deliver a more sustainable proposition around its ITAD service offering and help us achieve our vision and strategy of becoming global leaders in the tape disposal arena.’
– Gavin Griffiths, Managing Director of Insurgo

The machine was developed out of the desire to reduce the environmental impact of tape cartridges whilst still ensuring full data protection. After investing in the research and development of KIT, we purchased the machine to be used at our secure ITAD facility.

What does this for clients?

Clients can now send their used tapes to us to be fully wiped along with any other assets they may need to erase data from. Because we’re the only ITAD in the UK to have this specialist equipment on-site, it allows us to wipe data at our facility rather than outsource to a third-party business – meaning increased data security and peace of mind.

‘We’ve built an enviable reputation of delivering the most secure, innovative and environmentally responsible set of services, and this proven tape erasure technology further enhances our offering. We’re looking forward to offering this service to our customers and help in reducing their environmental impact’.
– Alan Dukinfield, Commercial Director of The S2S Group

Not only will all sensitive data be fully erased, but the tapes can now be reused, saving costs on buying brand new tapes and limited environmental impact compared to having tapes completely destroyed.

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