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Many businesses are working to offset their carbon emissions and reduce the impact they have on our environment. To do this, collecting the needed tools and resources which will be the most effective for your business is essential.

Our team at S2S are committed to working to offset our carbon emissions and helping you offset yours. With the research and strategies we’ve put in place, we’ve found useful tools and resources we want to share with other businesses to help them on their carbon-reducing journey. 

1. Carbon Emission Calculator

It’s impossible to set carbon reduction goals without knowing what you’re business is currently emitting. The carbon emission calculator by helps individuals and small businesses generate an overview of their carbon footprint. After inputting your business activities and power usage, the calculator provides you with the average annual emitted carbon.

It’s also important to remember to use a carbon emissions calculator annually to track your offsetting progress. Having the ability to see your carbon reduction over time will allow you to track milestones and promote your progress. 

2. Local Charities

Knowing where and how to channel your offsetting activities can be difficult. With many different options to reduce your carbon output like installing solar panels or purchasing renewable energy, getting involved with local charities and initiatives can help.

Charities such as the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust near ourselves at S2S, provide opportunities for businesses to get physically involved in planting trees, collecting plastic, and more. Helping to make positive influences on your local area will improve your business’ reputation, so be sure to research what eco-activities are happening in your area.

Groups like these can also be a great way to get your staff more closely involved with helping the environment and serve as a chance for building team relationships or improving moral.

3. Online Conferencing Platforms

It’s likely that with the pandemic, your business has had to become more comfortable conducting and organising meetings online. The ability to talk and meet remotely has become second nature and has had a positive impact on our environment.

Cheap or even free video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams have stopped the need for physical travel, preventing the carbon emissions produced by car or flight travel. Cutting down the amount of travel your staff have to do helps reduce your carbon emissions and fuel consumption. When your saving on carbon and fuel, the small cost of a subscription for a video conferencing platform is often well worth the money.

4. Carbon Credits

Sometimes, it’s not the financial element of offsetting your business carbon emissions which is difficult. Busy businesses can have limited time to spend on developing carbon-reducing initiatives, which is where groups like The Woodland Carbon Code are useful.

Carbon Credits are tokens businesses can buy to help fund the protection and expansion of forests in the UK. The credits your business purchase help to offset your carbon emissions without the need to spend a lot of time developing initiatives. 

Aside from offsetting your carbon, the developments also help to expand habitats for animals, providing an added benefit outside of offsetting your carbon. Supporting tree-planting initiatives like these are a great way to offset your carbon when you can’t currently make changes to your facility.

5. Our Free Carbon-Busting eBook

In need of more ideas to help your business reduce its carbon footprint? We at S2S have worked hard to provide you with a free eBook to help your business offset its carbon.

Our eBook is a completely free resource for businesses of all sizes to use and includes information on:

  • Developing an overview of your processes
  • The importance of eco-conscious businesses to consumers
  • Where and how to successfully implement carbon-reducing activities
  • How to market your business’ ecological achievements
  • How to gain support from stakeholders

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