Planning for an asset refresh? Here are just a couple of tips to ensure a smooth data asset refresh project.

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Is it time for a refresh of your data assets? When is the best time for that refresh? Planning ahead can save you time and resources.

Take Inventory of Your IT Assets

It might sound obvious but keeping a track of all your assets is essential. Not just what these assets are, but how these assets are being used and by who. Recording updates both those which are scheduled and those which have been performed will give a clear picture of the performance of your data assets.

All assets have a lifecycle

There comes a time when data assets need a refresh. Monitoring and recording the performance will allow you to decide whether the time is right. Don’t ignore the warning signals, all assets have a lifecycle. As the quote goes, ‘What gets monitored gets managed’

Track IT asset maintenance schedules

All assets at some point will need updating, as the asset ages it will require maintenance. As the asset comes to the end of its lifespan it will require an increased amount of maintenance. By monitoring the amount of maintenance each asset requires will help you judge whether or not it is time to refresh.

Plan for a refresh before you are forced to act

Once you have an inventory of your assets and record the expected lifecycle of these assets, you will have a much better understanding of when the time to act is. Remember all assets have different life expectancies, performing a refresh of all assets in one go may not be the best use of resources.

Create a formal plan

IT data assets possibly are one of the largest investments you will need to make in an organisation. These assets, therefore, need to be cared for as such. Waiting for an asset to become slow, unreliable, and resource-hungry before replacement may have a negative impact on the smooth running of your business. Don’t just plan, make that plan formalised.

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