S2S Achieve ADISA Distinction with Honours Accreditation

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We’ve excelled in our latest audit

With the current difficulties businesses are facing due to the pandemic, S2S is happy to announce positive news with our achievement of the highest approval by the ITAD auditing body, ADISA.

A member of the ADISA body visited the facility in the first week of March, surveying operations and determining if regulations and standards were being met.

The audit was a success. Upon our review, we can proudly confirm our processes continue to be certified against the 2020 ADISA v7.0 standard.

ADISA determine business credibility

‘ADISA is an accreditation body specialising in risk management and data protection within asset retirement’. – ADISA

Accreditations from ADISA certify that a company’s practices in handling data and IT assets are meeting certain standards. Since being members from 2013, S2S is proud to have achieved multiple awards over our years of operation.

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About the ADISA 2020 v7.0

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This ADISA audit concerns the ‘ICT Asset Recovery Standard 7.0’, which determines if an ITAD business meets standards set by the industry body. Alongside this, the standards provide reassurance to clients to show we follow best practice for all of our services.

We are proud to be 1 of the 5 businesses to pass this audit with honours.

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