S2S and pure technology cut the carbon with tree-planting zeroC Project

S2S and puretechnology launch zeroC projecy
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Let’s cut the carbon, and the costs

zeroC is a brand-new concept to bring sustainable, environmentally friendly endpoint refurb models to the marketplace. The project aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint per head generated from hardware consumption in the channel.

Working in partnership with IT solutions firm pure technology, S2S hopes to lead the change in the future of electronic sustainability. Both companies hope the initiative will empower businesses to go green by offering a high-quality range of refurbished laptops and PCs.

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Our carbon mission

Aside from being able to offer customers a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for business’ endpoint consumption; zeroC will be giving back to our planet through planting trees both around the world and in the UK.

green tree design

With the money raised by every end-point device purchased, we will be helping to develop carbon-offsetting forests by teaming up with Woodland Carbon Code and One Tree Planted.

With these organisations’ help, the scheme will aim to raise awareness of company carbon emissions. The planted trees will provide oxygen to our atmosphere by replacing some of the damage caused by deforestation and destruction. Almost all companies use laptops and computers in their day-to-day work. Consequently, they don’t realise they could contribute to helping the environment.

Is a refurbished laptop worth it?

Whether you’re concerned about the lifespan, quality or speed of a device, the zeroC campaign laptops ensure complete functionality.

Refurbished laptops are cheaper than their brand-new counterparts and businesses could be spending, on average, 50% less on refurbished models in comparison to brand-new products.

All our laptops must meet our high standards in order to be sold and reused. Our process of laptop refurbishment includes a strict full grading system for external and internal components, replacement of any non-qualifying elements, and vigorous testing.

zeroC refurbished laptop

All refurbished items work like new and are sure to be valuable assets to any business.

Get your business involved

Check out the zeroC project‘s website which includes interactive features to help participating companies see how much the cause is doing to help our planet.

These include:

  • A bespoke tree planting calculator.
  • Various social media accounts with constant milestone updates.
  • Promotion boxes sent to selected companies.

Keep up with the project with news and milestones:

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