S2S Group Earns Certification to ADISA Standard 8.0

S2S Group earns accreditation to ADISA ICT Asset recovery Standard 8.0
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S2S Group Accredited to ADISA ICT Standard 8.0

What is ADISA Standard 8.0?

ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 is ADISA’s new certification. ADISA created standard 8.0 after they worked with the ICT Commissioner to agree on what needs to happen during a specific business process for it to be viewed as UK GDPR compliant. Therefore, Standard 8.0 provides many benefits to ITADs that achieve this certification, one main benefit being their customers have complete peace of mind when dealing with their IT Assets and redundant electronic waste.

Other Standard 8.0 benefits are:

  • ITAD services Meet UK GDPR Requirements
  • ITADs have been pre-screened prior to working with customers
  • Pre-approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Companies that use a non-compliant ITAD company could be regarded as evidence of non-compliance.
  • Standard 8.0 is the only ITAD certification that is mapped to law – can be used as evidence for GDPR compliance

About Data Impact Assurance Level (DIAL)

All S2S Group’s customers must do is answer 5 simple questions to identify their Data Impact Assurance Level (DIAL). DIAL is the new concept introduced as part of the ICO approved ADISA Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 that puts our customers in control. DIAL helps you (the data controller) and S2S Group (the Data Processor) manage the asset recovery process to a set standard.

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Generate your DIAL Rating with S2S Group

S2S Group's ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 DIAL Rating 3 Accreditation.
S2S Group’s DIAL Rating 3 Accreditation

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