S2S Group At Business Doncaster Showcase

S2S Group attended the Business Doncaster Showcase, showcasing their new business venture.
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On Thursday 2nd February S2S Group attended the Business Doncaster showcase at Doncaster Racecourse, but not as you may have thought…

S2S Group showcased its new business venture, RecycleMy ♻

S2S Group’s staff had a great time at the event and got to meet so many people and spread brand awareness of who RecycleMy is and how its secure data destruction service can benefit a lot of organizations needing to get rid of old, unused, and redundant IT assets and electronics.

RecycleMy also offers a FREE quote service, meaning all you need to do is fill out its quick and easy enquiry form and you will receive a quote almost instantly.

About RecycleMy

Firstly, RecycleMy is part of S2S Group and was set up to assist small and medium (SME) businesses in getting rid of their old, unused, or redundant IT assets and electronics. RecycleMy uses the Secure Data Destruction service which is also the most secure way to dispose of IT assets and meets the highest industry standards (dependent on the media type).

Who can use RecycleMy?

✅ Small to Medium companies looking to dispose of their IT assets

✅ Businesses that need certification of destruction

✅ Businesses needing more than 20 assets recycled

RecycleMy’s 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Fill out our pre-collection form.

Step 2: Then, get your assets ready for collection.

Step 3: Once your order is confirmed, security-cleared staff will collect your assets.

About the Data Destruction Process

RecycleMy’s data destruction service disposes of your IT assets in the most secure way possible undoubtedly. By physically shredding your data assets using industrial-grade shredding and degaussing equipment, your data is securely and irreversibly erased. This method of data destruction also meets the highest Industry standards depending on the media type.

Find out more about Secure Data Destruction by visiting this page.

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