S2S Group Continues to Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with New Truck

S2S Group continues to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with new truck
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S2S Group is setting targets to tackle the goals that are most relevant to the business

To help S2S Group to support its customers whilst maintaining its commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, S2S Group has recently invested in a battery-powered isle master forklift truck from Forkway Ltd. S2S Group’s Liam and Andy were sent on a training course to learn how to drive the truck.

Not only is the truck powered by a battery unit, but the power generated comes from our newly installed solar panels, fitted by Engenera Renewables Group.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for S2S Group’s services, the new solar-powered forklift will go straight into action in conjunction with the new racking system installed only last week by Quickline Limited. The aim of these recent investments is to manage that demand, provide even better customer service, and maintain our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

To find out more about what S2S Group is doing to achieve our UN Sustainable Development Goals by visiting this page.

S2S Group’s UN Sustainable Development Goals are:

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