S2S Group support Cash for Kids through Laptop for Schools scheme

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Supporting children in poverty affected by COVID-19

These harsh times are all about giving. In response to the impact of Coronavirus, Hallam FM Cash for Kids has launched an appeal to help families who need it the most.

Right now, those on low incomes who are living in or on the brink of poverty will be feeling the pressure, having an impact on their children’s wellbeing. The Cash for Kids Appeal plans to build funding from grants to provide food and heating for low-income families.

According to recent figures, 31 per cent of children in South Yorkshire are currently living in poverty, struggling to get access to the basic essentials many of us take for granted.Hallam FM Cash For Kids

Making a difference

To support households struggling with the impact of COVID-19 in South Yorkshire, we’ve made two donations to Cash for Kids – Hallam FM‘s appeal. Our donation of £665 helped to fund an application for Thybergh Primary School and provide basic essentials for 19 children living in poverty.

“We work with a number of children and families that are vulnrable, even more so during these difficult times, and are struggling to feed their children or manage financially.”

Thybergh Primary School

S2S also kindly donated funds of £260 towards Cash for Kids’ 2.6 Challenge. This was a national appeal for all charities to raise vital funds to replace money lost through cancelled events and suspended fundraising.

Cash for Kids has raised over £1,500 so far and S2S Group’s donation has been a fantastic support for Cash for Kids to continue supporting and granting local causes across South Yorkshire.

Our Laptop for Schools scheme

As a growing IT company, we decided to put our electronic equipment to good use as part of the initiative. We believe tech should be available to everyone. So, on behalf of Cash for Kids, we are providing children in poorer areas the technology they need to succeed.

As schools close across the UK due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most children are learning from home. With our help, families who can’t afford to buy high-end devices for their children now have access to online learning platforms.

We have already made a kind donation of laptops to a home learning school in South Yorkshire.

Laptop scheme
Grant Barton, S2S Group presents Laptop in aid of Cash for Kids

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