Supporting over 1000 remote workers with Laptop/PC bundles

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Helping our clients work from home securely

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused our country to change, workers are encouraged to stay at home and work at home if possible. While some have taken to setting up desks in kitchens and living rooms, S2S has decided to help those homeworkers through providing them with the kit they need.

Some individuals working remotely risk their company’s data security by accessing sensitive information on a personal device. To prevent these risks, businesses have been offering laptop bundles to employees, and we have been helping to supply them.

Over 1,000 of them.

Personal devices are not always safe

Working at home on a personal device to access company information can be risky. If your employee’s device doesn’t have up to date security features, then any information used while working could be vulnerable. Providing your homeworkers with a device to work on allows you to make sure security measures are in place and data is manipulated only on that device.

Some workers may also have out of date or unusable computers. By providing good quality equipment, you can be sure that requirements are met it meets the requirements to perform the tasks needed and therefore increase productivity as employees will not be working on slow, out of date devices.

The risks of using personal devices for work are endless, some common threats are:

  • Malware Infiltrations
  • Potential Legal Issues
  • Opportunities for Data Theft
  • Lack of Employee Training for Working Safely

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More information on staying safe when working at home.

Packing bundles for home workers

Here at S2S, we are proud to announce we have surpassed 1000 bundles which have been given to stay at home workers to support their business operations during these times of difficulty.

Many may still work at home after lockdown

‘The impact of coronavirus could have a long-lasting effect on how and where people choose to work. Once lockdown measures are fully lifted, 60% of people would like to work from home more often than they did previously (31% would not).’ – theHRDIRECTOR

With workers gaining experience in what it’s like to work home for the first time, it’s likely they may want to stay that way. High-risk individuals and those with high-risk house members may not want to return to work after restrictions ease.

Providing laptops to workers at home gives them the ability to continue doing so after lockdown and in the event of a second lockdown if the COVID-19 virus has a second wave. Are your employees equipped?

Laptop/PC bundles being prepared

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