Why Businesses Should Recycle Their Mobile Phones

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Mobile recycling is becoming more important than ever.

With over 7.19 billion gadgets produced and distributed worldwide, it is thought-provoking to think that the quantity of mobile devices has surpassed the number of people on our planet.

We are seeing a steady increase in the use of mobile ecosystems within organisations to improve internal communications along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. When it comes to the efficient management and security of these devices, plans and policies need to be in place.

The average mobile phone only has a lifespan of 48 months.

This leaves questions for organisations as to what to do with when this time frame is over. Instead of neglecting old and broken employee handsets lying around, there is a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution businesses should take and that is to recycle.

Many businesses who regularly use mobile handsets within their everyday working environment tend to miss out. The cost-effective opportunities they’d receive if they recycled their devices are often unexplored, despite their key benefits.

Your handsets contain valuable information about your business which should remain strictly confidential. Consequently, throwing away your handset in the trash could seriously pose as a major data-security threat should it fall into the wrong hands.

So, what are the Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling?

Generate extra value

Recycling your device is beneficial for your budget and expenses sheets too. Some recycling companies will offer corporate trade-in schemes. The companies can offer to re-purchase old phones, helping organisations achieve maximum value for their redundant devices. As a result, this can make the most out of your initial investment.

It’s important to note that even if your mobile handset is broken, it may still hold value. Recycling companies can still repair damaged devices for reuse or recover any valuable materials to sell on to other markets.

Know that your Data is Safe

Performing a factory reset in an attempt to delete all your personal data isn’t enough. It can still be obtained and access by hackers.

Ensuring your mobile phone is securely disposed of properly through an accredited IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) company reduces this risk through complete data sanitisation services. This gives you the peace of mind you need knowing data-bearing handsets containing confidential data cannot be recovered.

Positive Environmental Impact

Mobile devices contain highly toxic materials such as Mercury, Lead and Zinc. This materials cause huge environmental damage and pollution when dumped carelessly. By recycling your mobile phones, you’re improving your organisation’s carbon footprint by helping to save and conserve natural energy. In addition, you are keeping hazardous elements found in devices out of landfills and put to good use.

Tap into the Circular Economy

80% of your mobile handset can be recycled. Plastics, metals and other valuable materials found in phones can be recycled into a variety of products within the economy, including new electronics and goods from a range of different industries. Because of this, there’s a significant urge for organisations to tap into the circular economy and recycle their mobile phones instead of increasing potential waste.

Promote your Corporate Responsibility

By recycling your business phones, you can promote your efforts to be eco-friendly and in return earn respect and gain a positive reputation from customers. Not only this but showing that you are responsible for your e-waste also ensures you are meeting WEEE regulations.

Do your part for Charity

Instead of throwing your mobiles and tablets away, why not put them to good use and help local charities? When trading your mobile phone with S2S, we’ll offer cashback that can be donated to a charity of your choice. Not only this, but you’ll also receive a 10% uplift too.

If you’re interested in recycling your device, get in touch with a member of our team at 01709 878 878 or find out more about our mobile refurbishment and remarketing services.

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