Windows 7 is Dead: What do you do next?

Windows 7 is dead
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What you need to know

As we begin a new decade it’s time to say goodbye to an old era of Windows. On Tuesday 14th January, Microsoft discontinued all support for the Windows 7 operating system as it reached end-of-life.

What does this mean for your business?

Up until now, Windows 7 has been provided with updates and patches to make sure the system was secure and bug-free for all its users. New features actually stopped being added in 2015, but it is only now in 2020 that computers will no longer get support for the operating system, leaving those using the system at risk.

What are the risks?

Windows 7 Infographic

Firstly, the primary risk all businesses, large or small, need to be aware of is security. With no more patches or updates coming from the Microsoft team to fix bugs and flaws in the old system, your IT assets can become vulnerable to invasion and therefore, so can all your data.

What should I do about it?

Run an audit of your IT infrastructure to identify IT assets and systems that may be running the outdated software.

If you find your business has PCs that use the Windows 7 operating system, it is vital that you upgrade them as soon as possible. All computers which are not upgraded are left a security risk, which can be problematic for computers holding sensitive data.

It is recommended that all computers be upgraded to a more recent version of Windows to ensure security. Secure devices make for more effective use and fewer data security problems in the future.

What about old computers?

When you come to move on to another operating system, your computers need to meet certain specifications to be able to upgrade. Check your computer’s requirements below.

We’d recommend upgrading systems to the freshest version of Windows 10 for the latest features and security to improve business efficiency.

Windows 8.1 system requirements

Windows 10 system requirements

Finally, if you can’t upgrade your PCs, we’d recommend recycling them securely with an approved ITAD company. Doing this eliminates the risk of data being intercepted from your old devices and allows you to do your bit for the environment too.

At S2S, we can provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution for your redundant electronic equipment. Feel free to contact our team at 01709 878 878 or request an IT collection here.

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