MSM APPENDIX J - ISO 14001:2015 5.2
S2S Electronics aims to implement an Environmental Policy through a cycle of continual improvement. This policy applies to all employees, departments and functions throughout the manufacturing facility. 

We Will:

  • Make environmental concerns an integral part of planning, decision making, management systems and in the setting of objectives and targets.
  • To maintain that all appropriate measures are taken to prevent pollution and ensure that no significant pollution is caused.
  • Promote resource sustainability by seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and material needs and to maintain that the necessary measures are taken to prevent accidents and limit their consequences upon the environment.
  • Implement waste management strategies that promote waste minimization, the prevention of pollution, re-use, recovery and recycling where applicable, in accordance with current waste Regulations. Where these options are not available, we will ensure that our waste is disposed of in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment, including not disposing of any products, waste materials, raw materials and packaging directly into a landfill facility, landfill feeding facility or discharging to land.
  • Comply with and regularly review all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements as they relate to our business.
  • Provide management leadership to encourage and communicate the policy and the use of environmental best practises throughout the company.
  • Ensure that our policy is available for public review through the company websites.

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S2S Group is one of the most widely accredited and longest running IT Asset Disposal firms in the UK.
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