Secure electronic recycling,
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We collect and recycle fleets of laptops to help businesses cut down on their electronic waste and prevent any data held on those devices from becoming infiltrated.

Our processes include full documentation of the service after completion, and sometimes a rebate is provided if applicable. All assets are recycled at our Approved Authorised Treatment Facility and extracted elements go back into the circular economy to prevent materials from going to landfills.

Simple sustainable recycling

  • Asset tracking and checking throughout
  • Safe transport via a certified waste carrier
  • Rebates provided on assets of value
  • Data erasure available if needed
  • Covering the whole of the UK
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Carbon Net Zero by 2050

Learn about our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and how we're empowering our clients to do the same through IT Asset Disposal.

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Eco-friendly Processes

We ensure our recycling service protects the environment by following a zero waste to landfill approach.

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Eco-friendly Processes

Protecting Business Data

Our high-security facility ensures your assets, and the data held on them is safe from start to finish.

Protecting Business Data
Secure IT Asset Management and Data Solutions for Business



We'll collect your laptops via our secure courier transport.


Assets are inspected to evaluate whether they hold value.

STEP 3: Separation

Scrap equipment is recycled through our eco-friendly separation process.

STEP 4: Certification

Recycling documentation sent to you, along with any rebate if applicable.

Contribute to the Circular Economy

The laptops we use every day to complete tasks are made using precious materials and metals such as gold and aluminium. When thrown away to landfills, these materials are lost when they could be extracted and reused in the creation of new products.

By choosing to recycle your laptops with a sustainable IT Asset Disposal Company like us, your business saves these materials and prevents the need for more virgin ores to be extracted from our planet. This contributes to the circular economy, where materials within items are recycled and reused infinitely.

Business Reputation

Businesses who choose not to responsibly recycle their laptops risk damaging their reputation.

Data can remain on laptops even after files have been deleted. Because of this, laptops that are not destroyed via a certified ITAD can risk having the data taken from the devices extracted and infiltrated. This can cause customers and stakeholders to lose trust in a business and can have a damaging effect on their reputation.

To prevent potential data breaches, always dispose of your old laptops with a trusted recycler.

Secure IT Asset Management and Data Solutions for Business

Your responsible ITAD Partner


Meeting ISO 14001 Standards

Audited by the Environment Agency

We are one of the most accredited IT Asset Disposal firms in the UK when it comes to quality, sustainability and security.

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