Electronic Medical Equipment Recycling

electronic medical device

Recycle your redundant medical equipment with our easy-to-use services that give you confidence and peace of mind.

With a zero-to-landfill policy, we ensure your old medical equipment is recycled appropriately and protects both the environment and your business reputation.

What medical equipment can we recycle?

We can recycle a wide variety of medical equipment including:

  • CT scanners
  • ECG machines
  • Ultrasound units

…In other words, anything that uses electricity

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Aside from medical equipment, we can also recycle any data baring assets that you may use in your business such as laptops and smartphones. We adhere to strict security procedures and destroy all data from recycled equipment, therefore, avoiding a costly data breach.

With regular audits and secure processes, we are one of the most accredited IT Asset disposal companies in the UK. You can be sure we have the highest standards in quality, sustainability and security.

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Secure IT Asset Management Services



We'll collect your IT equipment via our secure courier transport.


Assets are inspected to evaluate whether they hold value.

STEP 3: Separation

Scrap equipment is recycled through our eco-friendly separation process.

STEP 4: Certification

Recycling documentation sent to you, along with any rebate if applicable.

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    Secure IT Asset Management Services

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