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Although free IT recycling for businesses seems good on paper, it comes with inherent risks. Chief of which are falling foul of stringent e-waste regulations and poorly executed electronic waste management practices leaving your data available to be exploited.

S2S Group eliminates this worry by offering the most secure, environmentally-friendly solution for IT recycling on the market.

Our e-waste recycling procedures follow the waste hierarchy model. We promote reuse before recycling and stick to a zero waste to landfill policy. Secure e-waste disposal done correctly.

E-waste collection using electric vehicles means your electronic disposal could not be easier. All e-waste is then recycled at an approved authorised treatment facility before going back into the circular economy. Quick, easy and secure electronic equipment disposal.

Electronic Equipment Disposal With S2S Group

  • Free E-Waste Recycling Certificates
  • Registered Waste Carrier
  • Environmental Permit Holders
  • Regular On-Site Audits
  • Secure E-Waste Containers Available
  • Electric Vehicles For Zero-Emission E-Waste Collection
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Recycling Used Electronics

Battery Recycling

Incorrect Battery Disposal Could Lead To Fines. Contact An E-Waste Specialist.

Battery Recycling

Circuit Boards

Secure E-Waste Disposal Is Important For Printed circuit boards and CPUs. Protect Your Data.

Circuit Boards

Hard Drives & CDs

All Data Holding E-Waste Needs To Be Securely Recycled. Dispose Of Correctly.

Hard Drives & CDs

Medical Equipment

All Medical E-Waste Should Have An Electronic Waste Management Procedure.

Medical Equipment


Old Monitors Are Considered E-Waste & Need To Be Disposed Of Properly.


Metals Recycling

Copper, Gold, Aluminium Are All Metals Which Can Be Reclaimed From E-Waste And Reused.

Metals Recycling

We Will Recycle Your E-Waste

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Secure IT Asset Management Services


STEP 1: E-Waste Collection

To facilitate your simple disposal of electrical equipment, we will collect your e-waste using our secure courier.

STEP 2: Asset Review

As part of our electronic waste management, we inspect your assets to find out if the components hold any value.

STEP 3: E-waste Recycling

Scrap e-waste is securely recycled through S2S Group's eco-friendly separation process.

STEP 4: Certification & Rebate

Your e-waste recycling documentation sent to you, along with any rebate if applicable.

Why Is The Correct Disposal Of Electrical Items Important?

Businesses need electronics to function, from computers and printer printers to more specialist equipment, and other forms of IT. Unfortunately, this puts a huge demand on the correct disposal of electronic items.

Whether this is because the IT is broken or has become redundant and no longer useful, electronics eventually reach the end of their use. When broken, some items can become difficult to dispose of or even hazardous, making them potentially dangerous when not disposed of by a certified waste carrier. An electronic waste management policy is more important now than ever as e-waste regulations are becoming increasingly tighter.

This is where S2S Group comes in with secure e-waste disposal solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Secure E-Waste Disposal & Your Data 

We will help your business avoid fines and keep your data safe through the correct disposal of electronic equipment in line with UK GDPR law and regulations.

How Dangerous Is E-Waste To Our Environment?

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the planet. Due to new electronic products being produced so quickly, and old ones becoming redundant, the UK throws away a huge amount of e-waste every year. The appetite to recycle used electronics is smaller than the want to simply discard old electronics. We want to change that.

When e-waste is thrown away instead of going through our leading e-waste recycling and electronic waste management procedures, the valuable internal elements of those products are lost. Batteries along with gold, aluminum, and other reusable metals are held within many electronic items which can be extracted.

Rather than these products cluttering the planet and leaking harmful pollutants into the Earth, we’re striving to recycle old tech to better protect the environment.

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    Secure IT Asset Management Services

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    S2S Group is one of the most accredited E-waste disposal firms in the UK when it comes to quality, sustainability, and security.

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