Our unique IT asset tracking system AND ONLINE PORTAL


Trakk-IT Portal
"Our unique IT Asset Manifesting System."

The Future of IT Asset Tracking Using RFID Technology

What if you could track your electronic assets in real-time? With our Online Client Portal - you can. Trakk-IT is our unique, innovative manifesting system used to monitor all assets collected for secure processing offering complete visibility from start to finish.

Trakk-IT uses the latest technology to offer 'live' updates to clients on the whereabouts of each specific asset in real-time, providing accurate location data that is stored against each asset for a complete audit trail. 

Each product is first individually RFID tagged on-site, either on receipt at S2S or at the customer's premises, for reading by both fixed and portable RFID readers. Clients can then log in to the system to monitor their IT assets from each stage of the process; from collection, receipt and testing to final resale. 

Our online customer portal allows for full user management and access to live information such as individual asset valuations, recycling and monthly summary reports as well as being able to order mobile accessories online and keep track of your next collection with your own personalised online dairy.

Try our system out for yourself - we offer open and free demonstrations to clients of Trakk-IT on request.

Built using state-of-the-art technology:

RFID Readers


Node Red Visual Tool

Why consider using trakk-it?


Experiment with our unique Trakk-IT software for yourself and see how our Customer Portal operates by requesting a live demonstration with a member of our team.

Simply book an appointment with us with a time that is most convenient for you and we'll take you on a detailed tour of our Trakk-IT system over the phone.

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