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About S2S Group

S2S Group is a South Yorkshire-based ITAD company that specialises in secure and sustainable electronic recycling. With various services, S2S Group provides businesses with certified services that eliminate reputational risks for businesses

Here are the top 6 certified and accredited services that S2S Group can provide your business with.

1) WEEE Recycling Services

When IT assets reach the end of their use, secure e-waste disposal is necessary. These items, when broken, are often difficult to dispose of.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is one of the biggest waste issues impacting the UK currently. Simply put too many electrical items are improperly disposed of.

S2S Group can assist businesses with their recycling of IT waste in line with current regulations, reducing the impact of improperly disposed e-waste into landfill.

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2) IT Lifecycle Management Services

Redundant IT Assets can be refurbished by S2S Group.  By selecting S2S Group to repair and refurbish IT assets with complete data erasure, assets can be once again used by your business.

If your business plans to install new IT assets, S2S Group can dispose of used IT equipment for recycling or refurbishment and replace your assets with their imaging and deployment process

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3) Mobile Phone Recycling Service

S2S Group’s recycling services ensure devices are disposed of in a responsible way. You can also choose to refurbish existing handsets to re-deploy within your workforce.

S2S Group is a Blancco gold partner, providing industry-approved data erasure software.

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4) Secure Data Destruction Services

 S2S Group’s data destruction uses approved, accredited shredding and degaussing processes for the irreversible, physical destruction of electronic media.

S2S Group’s data erasure uses a software-based data wiping process for complete erasure ensuring total, irretrievable wiping of assets.

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5) Data Centre Services

S2S Group Data Centre service manages and protects your data with the utmost care. Whether your data need data erasure, data destruction, or refurbishment, S2S Group’s services are adaptable to the customers’ demands for easy disposal.

S2S Group can provide you with asset relocation services, secure IT removal, and certified refurbishing and recycling services.

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6) Trakk-IT Online Portal

S2S Group’s award-winning client portal allows you to track your electronic assets in real-time. Your business can monitor all assets through the entire process for an extra layer of security.

The Trakk-IT dashboard allows you to book and manage IT collections, receive monthly reports on your jobs, and is designed to make IT asset disposal as easy as possible for your business.

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