Securely Dispose of Data Centre IT

Meeting all your Relocation, Disposal and Auditing needs

Risk-free data centre IT decommissioning services

Whether you’re looking for certified audit trails to keep on top of your data centre or need a hand with your migration, S2S Group is here to handle and protect your data centre assets with the utmost care.

Choose to reuse your retired hardware or securely dispose of data-bearing media through S2S Group’s eco-friendly recycling services.

Generate maximum value from data centre equipment 

  • Risk-free installation and decommissioning
  • Deployment of hardware
  • Zero-to-landfill recycling policy
  • Refurbishment to the highest standards
  • Access to S2S Group’s online ‘Trakk-IT’ portal
  • Government-approved data destruction and erasure
  • Get rebate from your Data Centre IT

    Data centre solutions for redundant servers 

    Secure data centre relocation for full peace of mind

    S2S Group knows how difficult relocating a data centre can be. S2S Group is here to help with a team of IT specialists and secure transport vehicles to pick up and install your equipment at its new location.

    Your secure Data Centre ITAD Partner

    All of S2S Group’s services are accredited and certified to the highest standards to ensure the protection of your business data. Within its secure facility, S2S Group recycle, refurbish, and data wipe assets for a wide range of blue-chip clients who trust S2S Group with their IT asset disposal. You can be sure your business data is safe with S2S Group.

    Asset Relocation


    Risk-free IT relocation

    Secure IT


    On-site removal services



    Paperless data centre IT audits


    Save costs and refurbish data centre equipment


    Eco-friendly recycling services

    Which process is best for you?

    Not sure which process is the most cost-effective for your business? S2S experts are ready to start your journey with you to find out the best solutions for handling any ITAD requirement.


    Your secure Data Centre ITAD Partner

    Have complete confidence in S2S Group’s services, as it always complies with the highest quality and security standards. Unlike other IT Recyclers, S2S Group is regularly audited by industry bodies to ensure it continues to meet environmental, quality, and data security requirements.

    With over 16 licences and accreditations, S2S Group takes pride in being one of the most widely certified IT Asset Disposal Companies in the UK.

    S2S Group’s Executives Volunteer at The Archer Project

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    Why Factory Reset Isn’t Enough
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