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S2S Datacentre Solutions

“Risk-free, quality assured decommissioning services.”

S2S Datacentre Solutions offers the most comprehensive, risk-free and environmentally friendly services to accommodate your data centre equipment and ensure the efficient management of your IT infrastructure.

In addition to full equipment and data management, we can provide the solution for all your datacentre requests; covering a wide range of data centre services including professional audits, project relocations, secure decommissioning and specialised refurbishment and recycling procedures for all data centre equipment.

We tailor all our services to meet clients’ needs and requests to ensure an efficient, stress-free process and grant complete confidence in the information accuracy of your data centre estate. Clients have the option to track all IT equipment through each stage of the process by logging in to our Online Portal for full transparency over the whereabouts of their IT assets.

Whether you’re looking for physical or digital migration of your data centre hardware, whatever the volume, our mobile teams can offer a fast and secure process with minimum downtime for your estate.

Reduce running costs and have more room for your next project. Our secure decommissioning services ensure the efficient disposal of old data centre equipment including servers, networking hardware, cables, storage units, tape drives and rack mounts.

Save on expenses and choose to reuse old hard drives through our complete DIPCOG approved data erasure processes. Not only will you receive return for your IT but disposing of your data bearing equipment with us will ensure you are in line with regulations such as GDPR, as we continue to conform to data disposal policies thoroughly, no matter the procedure.


  • A service fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001, Safe Contractor approved and ADISA accredited to Distinction.
  • A full, comprehensive range of recycling, decommissioning and disposal services, tailored to your individual needs.
  • S2S have and will continue to surpass audit expectations.
  • S2S operate with a Zero Landfill Policy under our fully permitted ‘Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF).
  • S2S are considered a specialist in the ‘circular economy’ and have engaged with government & industry projects around this.
  • All staff are security cleared and tracked during collections.
  • Access to our online ‘Trakk-IT’ portal offering full asset tracking and visibility through RIFD tagging.
  • Redeployment of IT equipment and refurbishment to PAS141 standards.
  • Cost-effective environmental solutions to the highest of industry standards.
  • The option of detailed inventory reporting, certification and recycling rates
Data centre decommissioning

Tailored to Meet All Your Data Centre Needs

Our range of solutions cover the entire spectrum of data centre asset management and are tailored completely to match your organisational needs. Whether you’re looking for certified audit trails to keep on top of your data centre or need a hand with your migration, we’re here to handle and protect all your data centre assets with the utmost care. S2S offer the ultimate cost-effective and risk-free solution for redundant IT equipment. Choose to reuse your retired hardware or securely dispose of data-bearing media through our eco-friendly ITAD and recycling services.

Professional tailored audits

Risk-free relocation services

Secure decommissioning


Fully certified asset refurbishment

Environmentally friendly recycling methods


At S2S Group, we offer the highest level of protection for your data centre equipment because we understand just how important the safeguarding of your data is to your organisation.

Our friendly and skilled engineers have years of experience and training in electronics including installing and de-installing data centre equipment, lowering the risks of downtime for your infrastructure.

We can grant full visibility of your assets to ensure our processes are executed promptly through our unique processing, which deploys RF-ID tagging for assets moving through each stage of the process.

Our certified, government approved Data Solutions division cover all data disposal requirements for data centre WEEE equipment and ensures full sanitisation of all classification types, from ‘official’ to ‘top-secret’ information.

Tailored Audits

Are you still using spreadsheets to control your data centre assets? Are you sure of their whereabouts and quantities? Whether it be a complete data centre audit or just a handful of devices, S2S can provide a tailored audit for clients through using an innovative software system that utilises the latest technology for full data accuracy. Have an entire overview of data centre floor plans, power consumption, maintenance details and other key management information to improve overall performance and efficiency. Contact us for a free no obligation demonstration of how it works.

Relocation Services

We offer a safe and secure relocation service for the physical migration of your data centre equipment including servers, networking equipment, storage and hardware. Whatever the volume, S2S can offer a seamless migration with minimum risk and downtime for your estate. For full transparency, clients can monitor their data centre assets in real-time throughout the relocation process using our Trakk-IT Portal.

Secure Decommissioning

Our truly secure decommissioning services are available for the physical removal of your data centre equipment. Through using specialist handling protocols and equipment, our highly skilled engineers guarantee a risk-free installation and de-installation process. At S2S, we pay attention to the small print. We will produce detailed plans of each unit being removed prior to commencing, so clients feel as comfortable with the process as possible. All assets are recorded as they are de-installed, providing our customers with a full audit trail for each piece of equipment.

Refurbishment & Resale Process

Bring back value and life into your old assets for ongoing resale or reuse with our high-quality remarketing service. In preparation for resale, we will test, repair and data erase all electronic assets through our certified and secure process, configuring all equipment to PAS 141 standards.

We make sure that products being released back into second user markets are Safe, Fully Tested and Fit for Purpose. Items of no economic value are disposed of securely.

Eco-friendly Recycling Solutions

Think green when it comes to deciding what to do with your end-of-life data centre assets. We are renowned for the most risk-free, secure and eco-friendly set of recycling solutions in our industry, handling all processing of equipment ‘in-house’. Operating from our fully ‘Authorised Approved Treatment Facility”, our recycling process is truly unique.

We use separation techniques to ensure that 80% of the final product goes to UK based processing companies and our policies ensure zero waste ends up in landfill.

Client Case Study

“A large real estate company needed to dispose of data centre equipment from several of their UK offices following a major upgrade project. The job was too large and complex for traditional transport firms and most IT Asset Disposal companies. S2S’s Datacentre Division was ideally placed to undertake this job. Using the Relocate and Remove service, all sites were cleared, equipment re-deployed and removed. The data centre assets were completely data-wiped and refurbished prior to being sold as part of the S2S reuse scheme.”

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