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Registered AATF

Yes. This is the highest standard of licencing available to facilities carrying out WEEE recycling and is issued by the Environment Agency.

Why can’t I throw my electronic waste in the bin?

Some old electronics contain materials that are hazardous such as mercury and lead, so they need to be recycled carefully and responsibly.

Along with the environmental impact of throwing away your e-waste in a commercial bin, improper disposal leaves any residing data on that asset vulnerable to data breaching. By disposing of your items with an accredited ITAD, you eliminate both the environmental and data breach risks.

Can I get money for recycling old tech?
Old IT Assets

Depending on the age, quality, and quantity of the items you want to recycle, S2S Group customers can receive a rebate for items that may otherwise be gathering dust. You can also choose to refurbish your old tech and have them returned to you so that they can be reused within your organisation.

Do you accept specialist equipment such as medical equipment?
Electronic Waste

S2S Group accepts all kinds of electronic waste devices including equipment that may have thermal heating, cooling, or other types of components.

Do you recycle batteries?
Battery Disposal

S2S Group accepts larger batteries including lead-acid and lithium batteries but if it’s smaller household batteries you have from smaller electronic devices, you can dispose of these at your local recycling centre.

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What is WEEE Waste?
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

To put it in simple terms, WEEE waste is effectively anything with a plug. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive was put in place to ensure businesses recycle their electronic waste correctly. There are 11 categories of WEEE waste which range from large household appliances such as freezers and cookers to IT equipment such as laptops, phones and printers.

All categories need to be disposed of differently so getting a professional ITAD to help recycle it is key to ensuring the item is disposed of responsibly and any data is protected.

What can you recycle?
Specialist WEEE Recycling

S2S Group specialises in the recycling of WEEE Waste and a wide range of other electrical items including servers, laptops, mobile phones, cables, medical equipment and more. Simply get in touch with your requirements and S2S Group will be able to advise further.


What is Trakk-IT?
Award Winning Customer Portal

Trakk-IT is S2S Group’s award-winning, bespoke IT Asset tracking customer portal, created specifically by S2S Group’s for its clients. The system records all aspects of the products and the process and allows S2S Group’s clients to see exactly where their tracked assets are and provides a real-time report for you to view anywhere.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my data?

S2S Group: Accredited and Certified

S2S Group is fully accredited and has robust processes in place to control and record every aspect of handling your data with an audit trail.

All S2S Group staff are security cleared; this is an ongoing vetting process.

S2S Group’s facility has full CCTV coverage both internally and externally, the site is monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by an external security company.

S2S Group’s site is enclosed with security fencing around its perimeter, secure gated areas that only authorised personnel can access and access control for all doors within the facility to control the movements of personnel within the site. Only staff with approved access can get into certain areas of S2S Group’s site.

S2S Group is approved to destroy data to the Top Secret Level with the option of witness destruction on-site. All data erasure or destruction is fully certified, and you will receive documentation in line with GDPR and ADISA.

What paperwork will I receive?

This depends on what service/s your business requires, see the below table for details on what to expect:

Do you outsource any of your services?
Complete I.T. Solutions

S2S Group offers the full end to end solution for your business using its own in-house security cleared personnel.

On occasions when S2S Group is extremely busy, there is a list of approved partners for secure transport, this is always agreed upon by S2S Group customers prior to collection.

Some hazardous products may need additional specialist processing and S2S Group have a list of approved partners for those product types.

What does Zero directly to landfill mean?

S2S Group’s goal is to produce zero waste that goes directly into landfill. S2S Group does this by stripping old devices so that individual components can be recycled, and as many assets as possible can be refurbished and remarketed thus diverting as much waste as possible from being sent to landfill.

What is an asset report?
Asset Report

At the end of the process, you will be supplied with a comprehensive report which will show detailed information such as the make and model of the assets and what process they have been through, this will also show the end location for the product being tracked.

Will I be supplied with certification of recycling / destruction?
Complete Certification

Yes, all S2S Group services end with full certification of the process being sent to its clients, this includes recyclingdestruction, and data erasure certification.

After collection will it take for me to get my paperwork?
This varies on the services you require see SLA’s below:

Green (General Recycling) – processed and paperwork completed within 30 days
Yellow (Standard) processed and paperwork completed within 20 days
Red (High Security) Processed within 48 hours paperwork completed within 7 days
Blue (Remarketing / Resale) Processed and paperwork completed within 30 days

What size can you shred to?
Secure Data Shredding

S2S Group can shred products from 2mm to 25mm depending on your product type, data classification, and individual security requirements. Get in touch with a member of the team for more details.

Contact one of the S2S Group’s experts directly if your question has not been answered above.