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S2S Mobile Solutions

“A truly unique Mobile Phone and Tablet service offering.”

Recycle or Repair

B2B clients that engage with our services can choose from one of our recycle or repair schemes when it comes to their end-of-life mobile assets with the added peace of mind of ‘secure and auditable data erasure’.

Achieve maximum value when choosing to recycle your redundant devices with S2S. We will offer payment to buy-back handsets of any grade, even those that are no longer working, offering ‘competitive industry rates’.

Instead of purchasing new handsets, our signature Test and Clean scheme enables clients to tap into the circular economy and reuse old handsets across their mobile workforce as good as new, refurbished handsets with fully certified data erasure.

We offer a free of charge collection service for mobile phones to ensure a hassle-free, cost-effective process for our clients.  Our unique customer portal enables a fully automated process with live audit reporting throughout the entire process.

S2S use industry approved software and data eradication methods to the highest security standards to ensure ‘secure data erasure’ of all Smartphones & Tablets.

Do your part for charity. Our clients can also choose to receive payment as a donation to a charity of their choice.


  • Free of charge, fully tracked collection service.
  • Secure data erasure of all smartphones & tablets using approved industry software.
  • Devices are fully tested and graded at our ‘high security’ processing facility.
  • Maximum value paid for your redundant devices.
  • Cost-effective refurbishment schemes
  • Access to our Online Customer Portal so you can control and track every step.
  • Payment by bacs, cheque or charity donation.
  • Asset tracking and checking throughout.
  • Detailed inventory reporting, certification and recycling rates.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • A service fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.
  • Blancco Approved Silver ITAD Partners

From Collection to Payment in 5 Simple Steps


We'll collect your devices free of charge* within 24 hours of quote approval


Testing and grading of handsets under our unique Trakk-IT Portal


Testing reports and financial offer issued to the client


Erasure of all sensitive data using CESG approved Blancco software


Payment issued along with data erasure reports

Your Mobile Data isn't as secure as you think

Compared to other IT recycling companies we’ve got your data covered. Each device sent to us for recycling is securely wiped to the latest CESG security standards. Using government-approved data erasure software to ensure all your confidential data remains unrecoverable.

Our Signature Test and Clean Scheme

No longer do you have to purchase brand new devices at retail prices when you need to replace your mobile phones. S2S Mobile Solutions offer an exceptional “Test and Clean Scheme” for the refurbishment and reuse of your own existing corporate mobiles. Our specialist technicians will refurbish your handsets to PAS 141 standards for reuse. We also offer a great range of Mobile Accessories to protect your newly refurbished devices such as heavy-duty phone cases and screen protectors.


Our team will collect your mobile devices free of charge*


Testing and grading of handsets within 48 hours of collection


Repairs conducted on each device put through the "Test and Clean" scheme

All bearing data is erased through industry approved Blancco software


All requested devices returned to the client


As part of our Mobile Solutions offering, we also can provide clients with a genuine stock of accessories for your newly refurbished devices:

Tempered glass screen protectors

  • Phone cases to suit a range of models
  • Earphones
  • USB leads and charger ports
Mobile phone accessories

Huge Savings

Huge savings in return as you will no longer have to purchase brand new mobile devices for your business.

Accessories Offering

Ability to add mobile accessories at very competitive prices to customise your handsets.


All devices repaired by us come with long-term warranty to give you peace of mind.

Buy Back Schemes

We will offer to trade any devices you do not wish to repair for cash, making you money in the process.

Environmentally Friendly

Do your part in acting more environmentally friendly by reusing handsets instead of disposing of them.

Client Case Study

An existing client of the S2S Group saved £1.2 million over a 12 month period by taking advantage of the “Test and Clean” scheme. All handsets over this period were refurbished and returned to the client in question within a 2-5 day turnaround, ensuring all handsets were fit for reuse within an admirable timescale. Not only did the client also take advantage of our mobile phone accessories, such as tampered protective screen protectors and protective cases, but they witnessed the whole process from start to finish with live reporting on our unique Trakk-IT online portal making the whole process hassle free, transparent and easy to control for any internal audits or due diligence they required to conduct internally.

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