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The most secure way to recycle corporate mobile devices

Performing a factory reset on your smartphone isn’t enough to eradicate your data. Trade-in your device with us for a 100% Data Erasure guarantee.

Our recycling services ensure devices are disposed of in a responsible way whilst re-generating resources back into the circular economy. You can also choose to refurbish existing handsets to re-deploy within your workforce.

We’ll even offer cash rebate on devices that are of value. It’s a win for everyone.

  • Buy-back scheme for handsets of value
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Refurbishment to the highest standards
  • Fully certified Data Erasure
  • Redeployment of handsets

Secure, tracked Mobile Phone collections

Our security screened personnel are tracked on collection via our online Customer Portal with live audit reporting.

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Secure, tracked Mobile Phone collections

Industry approved Software and Data Eradication

We only use industry-approved Data Erasure software and CPNI accredited Destruction methods to ensure we meet the highest security standards.

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Industry approved Software and Data Eradication

Do Your Part For Charity

Our clients can also choose to receive payment as a donation to a charity of their choice. We'll even offer a 10% uplift.

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Secure IT Asset Management and Data Solutions for Business



We'll collect your Mobile Devices via our secure transport.


Testing and grading of handsets by our experienced technicians.

STEP 3: Reporting

Testing reports and financial offer issued to the client via our Customer Portal.

STEP 4: Data Erasure

Erasure of all sensitive data using NCSC approved Blancco software.

STEP 5: Payment

Payment issued along with Data Erasure reports.

Corporate mobile phone recycling solutions

According to latest study, Brits have more than 55 million unused gadgets sitting around. Therefore, all businesses need to be environmentally-conscious and have a duty to ensure their mobiles phones are recycled in the right way, under the highest standards of confidentiality and regulations. In order to avoid e-waste, recycling corporate mobile devices must be at the core of every business internal management structure so that the chance of precious metals and materials loss is minimised.

How to donate your business mobile devices to charity

If you do not know who to donate your rebate to, we have partnered with a number of charities you can donate to such as The Prince of Wales Hospice, and Hallam FM’s Cash for Kids. View our Charity page for more information on how we’re dedicated to supporting our communities.

How S2S recycle and refurbish your handsets

Serving as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new products, our scheme allows businesses to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished, sanitised, and returned to them. Preventing usable assets from going to waste and protecting our planet, we encourage mobile devices refurbishment and reuse whenever possible.

Along with this, we also offer mobile phone accessories for returned mobiles to help users keep their mobiles safe and usable for longer with screen protectors and cases.

Secure IT Asset Management and Data Solutions for Business


Devices collected via secure transport

Business mobile phones at the end of lifecycle ready for recycling

Testing and grading of handsets.

Technician repairing device

Repairs conducted on each device.

Technician using blancco

Data erased through Blancco software.

Option to add Mobile Phone accessories.

Technician packing assets

All requested devices returned to the client.

No longer do you have to purchase brand new devices at retail prices when you need to replace your mobile phones. Save money through our "Refurb and Redeploy" scheme.

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