DIAL Rating

By filling out the DIAL Rating generator, you can determine the possible risks to your data. Once the form is complete you will be given the overall DIAL rating. This can then be passed on to S2S Group as your ITAD supplier.

Based on your score the correct level of service can be agreed on to mitigate risk. If you still require guidance on generating your DIAL Rating, please contact the S2S Group Service Team.

How does a DIAL rating generator assess risk?

The collection of IT assets is essentially a collection of data from you the data controller. If not done correctly there is potential for a data loss/breach.

The ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 helps you (the data controller) and S2S Group (the data processor) manage the asset recovery process to a set standard.

Data Impact Assurance Levels (DIAL) put you in control. You are now able to control risk against a simple set of variables. Based on the answers provided, you will be able to receive an overall rating.

The service S2S Group provide as a data processor will match the rating you have generated and agree with you an ADISA accredited asset recovery plan.

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What are the benefits of using a DIAL rating generator? 

Simply put, DIAL ratings offer you the chance to quickly and simply evaluate the risk to you and your company should there be a data breach. As the risk increases, we need to implement more measures and provide a higher level of service to mitigate this risk.

Another added benefit of using the DIAL rating is to allow you, the data controller to realistically analyse the threat to your data and the threat that data poses stolen.

How do DIAL Ratings and the new ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 work together?

The new accredited ADISA standard for the physical processing of your data is the ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0.

Your DIAL rating is the framework for assessing your risk, by you the data controller. S2S Group submits the rating as a data processor.

Once we have received your DIAL rating, we can build a service plan which uniquely matches your requirements. Our service plans, no matter the DIAL rating will meet the new ADISA standard (ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0).

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What are the DIAL variables?

S2S Group judges risk levels for an ITAD collection based on 5 factors known as VICTAR

  • Volume
  • Impact
  • Category
  • Threat
  • Appetite to Risk

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