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What are your devices worth?

The most secure way to recycle corporate mobile devices

Performing a factory reset on your smartphone isn’t enough to eradicate your data. Trade in your device with S2S Group for a 100% Data Erasure guarantee.

S2S Group’s recycling services ensure devices are disposed of in a responsible way whilst re-generating resources back into the circular economy. You can also choose to refurbish existing handsets to re-deploy within your workforce.

S2S Group will offer a cash rebate on devices that are of value. It’s a win for everyone.

  • Buy-back scheme for handsets of value
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Refurbishment to the highest standards
  • Fully certified Data Erasure
  • Redeployment of handsets
  • Secure, tracked mobile phone collections

    S2S Group’s security screened personnel is tracked on collection via its online Customer Portal with live audit reporting.

    Confidential & convenient

    Onsite data destruction enhances security by eliminating risks during transportation and ensures data confidentiality.


    Onsite destruction ensures GDPR compliance, maintaining data integrity and secure custody.

    Environmental responsibility

    Tailored solutions ensure eco-friendly practices, compliance with policies, and environmental commitments.

    Cost & time saving

    S2S Group’s solutions save time and money by reducing travel and transportation.

    Do your part for charity

    S2S Group clients can also choose to receive payment as a donation to a charity of their choice. S2S Group offers a 10% uplift.

    From collection to payment in 5 simple steps

    Corporate mobile phone recycling solutions

    How to donate your business mobile devices to charity

    If you do not know who to donate your rebate to, S2S Group has partnered with a number of charities you can donate to such as The Archer Project, YWCA Yorkshire, Paces and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. View the charity page for more information on how S2S Group are dedicated to supporting its communities.

    How S2S Group recycles and refurbishes your handsets

    Serving as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new products, S2S Group’s scheme allows businesses to have their mobile assets data erased, refurbished, sanitised, and returned to them. Preventing usable assets from going to waste and protecting the planet, S2S Group encourages mobile devices refurbishment and reuse whenever possible.

    Along with this, S2S Group also offers mobile phone accessories for returned mobiles to help users keep their mobiles safe and usable for longer with screen protectors and cases.

    The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

    FAQs: What customers need to know about the services that S2S Group offers.

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