Protect the environment with reliable WEEE Recycling

S2S Group eliminates worry by offering the most secure, environmentally-friendly solution for IT recycling on the market. Protecting your company every step of the way.

Reuse before recycle

S2S Group uses the waste hierarchy model, promoting reuse before recycling – saving money by reusing current assets where possible and keeping items out of landfill.

Where S2S Group recycles, a rate of 99% is achieved in excess, and zero to waste directly to landfill. Helping you dispose of electrical items correctly.

Whatever the volume, all collected Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is recycled at S2S Group’s Approved Authorised Treatment Facility and goes back into the circular economy.

Why recycle with S2S Group?

  • Free Recycling certificates
  • Registered Waste Carrier
  • Environmental Permit holders
  • Regular audits on-site
  • WEEE Bin / Containers available
  • Electric vehicles for zero-emission transport
  • How it works

    Why Is WEEE Recycling Important?

    It’s no secret that businesses need electrical items to function. Most businesses use computers, printers, specialist equipment, and other forms of IT to complete their needed tasks. Unfortunately, at some point, waste electrical and electronic equipment disposal is necessary.

    Whether this is because they are broken or have become redundant and no longer useful, electronics eventually reach the end of their use. When broken, some items can become difficult to dispose of or even hazardous, making them potentially dangerous when not disposed of by a certified waste carrier.

    This is where companies like S2S Group come in to support in the disposal of electronic devices.

    How Does S2S Group Support WEEE Disposal? 

    S2S Group seeks to help businesses recycle their IT waste in line with UK GDPR law and regulations to help businesses avoid fines and keep their data safe.

    How Dangerous Is WEEE To Our Environment?

    Waste electrical and electronic equipment (or WEEE) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the planet. Due to new electronic products being produced so quickly, and old ones becoming redundant, the UK throws away a huge amount of WEEE every year.

    When you get rid of old electronics instead of recycling, the valuable internal elements of that product are lost. Batteries along with gold, aluminium , and other reusable metals are held within many electronic items which can be extracted. Rather than these products cluttering the planet and leaking harmful pollutants into the Earth, battery or mobile phone recycling, for instance, allows S2S Group to better protect the environment.

    Medical Equipment

    Specialist equipment such as diagnostics equipment, pressure monitors, and ECGs require specialist WEEE disposal solutions

    Circuit Boards

    PCPs, CPUs, and memory are all WEEE items.

    Hard Drives and CDs

    SSDs, HDDs, and floppy disks are e-waste items that need to be recycled correctly


    LCDs, CRTs, and TFTs need to be recycled responsibly

    Metals Recycling

    Copper, stainless steel, and aluminium are all metals found in waste electrical items and can be reclaimed

    Battery Recycling

    It is important that used battery recycling is carried out correctly

    Unsure if S2S Group can recycle your items?

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