IT Asset Destruction Solutions for Emergency Services

S2S Group are emergency service IT asset destruction specialists. Furthermore, S2S Group brings several key advantages to the supply chain of blue-light services, helping the effective management of IT assets whilst mitigating risk and enhancing sustainability.

ITAD Services for Emergency Service Providers

S2S Group provides a full range of IT (IT Asset Disposal) including data destruction, asset recovery and IT remarketing, responsible recycling and disposal and risk mitigation and compliance for:

  • Police and law enforcement
  • Fire and rescue
  • Ambulance and transport suppliers
  • Prison and probation services
  • Security both in public and private sectors
  • Tailormade, end-to-end IT Solutions

    S2S Group prioritises the utmost security standards and procedures during the disposal of IT equipment. Consequently, this ensures the safety of the emergency services clients’ data. This commitment is reinforced by certification from reputable bodies, including ADISA. ADISA Standard 8.0 serves as a guarantee of full GDPR compliance.

  • Certification for data erasure and recycling
  • Remarketing options available
  • End-to end project management
  • S2S Group and Data Security for Emergency Service Providers

    Specialising in overall secure and environmentally responsible IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, S2S Group addresses the unique data security needs of the emergency services sector. Ensuring compliant disposal of end-of-life assets, including data-bearing devices.

    Certified Data Destruction: S2S Group employs certified data destruction methods; consequently, it guarantees the irreversible destruction of all data on redundant assets, thereby significantly reducing the risk of data breaches. This dedication to certified processes ensures emergency service organisations benefit from a comprehensive level of data security.

    Environmental Sustainability: S2S Group places the highest priority on environmentally sustainable disposal and refurbishment practices tailored to the emergency services sector. Aligned with relevant regulations, ensures sustainability in the context of IT asset management.

    Compliance and Certification: S2S Group assures compliance with data protection laws and regulations specific to the emergency services sector, providing organisations with the confidence that their end-of-life assets are handled in strict accordance with legal standards.

    The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

    FAQs: What customers need to know about the services that S2S Group offers.

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