On-site Data Destruction

Sustainable and secure data destruction and recycling at your premises

Secure on-site data destruction & recycling

Using S2S Group’s fully operational shredding truck, data destruction services can be provided on-site across the UK. Using the state-of-the-art shredding truck, with dual shred features

The vehicle can be configured for all shred sizes for the secure destruction of all media categories to comply with IA Standard No5. Providing the ideal solution with highly sensitive media in both document and electronic form.

S2S Group has been able to work with market-leading Ulster Shredders to build the shredder from scratch based on S2S Group’s own unique requirements.

What data & hardware shredding can S2S Group do on-site?

  • Hard drives, external hard drives and SSDs
  • Backup magnetic tapes (DLT, DAT, CCTV, VHS and Reel)
  • Floppy disk and zip disk
  • Removable media/USB and memory sticks
  • Optical media (CDs DVDs, Blue Ray)
  • Mobiles, Smartphones, PDAs, etc
  • Portable storage devices
  • RAM, ID cards and more
  • Why you need secure on-site data destruction

    By limiting travel and transportation S2S Group can help organisations save both time and money. This is also helped by S2S Group’s ability to provide a huge variety of supporting data destruction, disposal and recycling solutions.

    Confidential & convenient

    On-site data destruction enhances security by eliminating risks during transportation and ensures data confidentiality.


    On-site destruction ensures GDPR compliance, maintaining data integrity and secure custody.

    Environmental responsibility

    Tailored solutions ensure eco-friendly practices, compliance with policies, and environmental commitments.

    Cost & time saving

    S2S Group’s solutions save time and money by reducing travel and transportation.

    • Electric vehicles for zero-emission transport
    • Custom built asset destruction vehicles
    • Accredited to the highest standards within the itad industry
    • Fully security vetted & qualified technicians
      • Comprehensive end-to-end solutions provided
      • Zero waste direct to landfill approach
      • Complete tracking and transparency throughout
      • Over 35 years of experience in IT asset disposal, destruction & recycling
      • How it works

        The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

        FAQs: What customers need to know about the services that S2S Group offers.

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