Meet The Team

S2S Group is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table. Team values, including secure, transparent, innovative, sustainable and auditable form the bedrock of the S2S Group culture.

Find out more about the culture and how S2S Group helps the community.


Name: Grant Barton

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Grant has over 25 years’ experience in IT recycling, specialising in providing environmentally sustainable and secure customer solutions.

Grant has seen the ITAD industry develop from humble beginnings to today’s cutting edge data sanitisation and asset management industry.


Name: Chris Hare

Title: Chief Commercial Officer

Chris is responsible for the presentation of the company to the outside world by heading both the sales and marketing functions of the business.

It is Chris’ role to ensure that S2S Group services meet client IT asset management requirements.


Name: Rachel Hall

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Rachel oversees all operational activities to ensure efficiency and alignment with organisational goals.

Focusing on streamlining processes and maximising resources, Rachel leads a dynamic team to deliver exceptional results supply chain management, project execution, and client satisfaction.


Name: Kerry Arnold

Title: Business Development Manager

Kerry is responsible for driving business growth within B2B sales by expanding and increasing the current S2S Group customer base.

Kerry is an expert in nurturing client relationship, working with customers on a day-to-day basis informing them about S2S Group’s services.


Name: David Woodriff

Title: Group Commercial Director

David has over 30 years experience in the ITAD industry working with blue-chip suppliers across the country.

David will be responsible for generating growth to support S2S Group’s strategy roadmap. Using his vast experience and knowledge, David works directly with key accounts as well as expanding new territories.