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In the legal services sector, the protection of information and data is essential for maintaining corporate reputation and eliminating information security risks. As data and assets within the legal services industry reach their end-of-life, it becomes imperative to employ secure methods of disposal to prevent any potential data breaches.

Individual Needs

S2S Group tailor services to meet the
individual needs of:

  • Solicitor and barrister firms
  • Patent agencies
  • Notaries
  • Bailiff and civil debt enforcement agencies
  • Different sectors within the legal services industry face unique challenges when it comes to data security. Although the type of data may differ, the importance of keeping this information secure remains high.

    Corporate legal data: Legal businesses such as corporate legal firms handle vast quantities of sensitive business data including mergers, acquisition, and intellectual property. Ensuring this data remains secure on all data bearing assets is essential.

    Criminal legal data: Legal businesses and firms specialising in criminal law have a legal and reputational obligation to ensure data is kept secure. Protecting the information of clients and maintaining the integrity of legal case details is essential.

    Personal legal data: Family law firms and other legal businesses handle the personal information of clients and individuals which requires handling to the highest data security levels.

    Legal Compliance and Asset Disposal

    S2S Group is compliant with the highest security standards and procedures when disposing of IT equipment, so its clients’ data is always safe. This includes certification with all the relevant bodies including ADISA. With the ADISA Standard 8.0 for example, certification ensures complete GDPR adherence.

    Manage your Data Security

    S2S Group specialises in secure and environmentally responsible IT asset disposal (ITAD) services. This ensures that end-of-life assets, including data-bearing devices, are disposed of in compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards.

    Certified Data Destruction: S2S Group employs certified data destruction methods ensuring that all data on retired assets is irreversibly destroyed, to prevent any possibility of data breaches.

    Environmental Sustainability: Beyond the secure management of IT-assets, S2S Group prioritises environmentally sustainable disposal/refurbishment practices, meeting all relevant regulations and ensuring sustainability in IT asset management.

    Compliance and Certification: S2S Group complies with data protection laws and regulations, offering legal services firms the assurance that end-of-life assets are handled according to industry standards. S2S Group are proud to be holders of all relevant certifications, further ensuring service levels.

    The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

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