Recover value from corporate IT assets

A circular cost-effective solution for end-of-life tech

IT services that cover the entire lifecycle

S2S Group provides comprehensive IT Asset Management solutions for imaging, supplying, and deploying hardware, as well as secure disposal alternatives.

Secure remarketing and reuse services not only help your business save costs on IT hardware but also ensure compliance with environmental and legal regulations.

A complete end-to-end solution for redundant IT

  • Asset tracking and checking throughout
  • Data erasure and recycling certificates
  • Generate rebate from old kit
  • Refurbishment to the highest standards
  • End-to-end project management

    How to dispose of IT equipment safely

    S2S Group is always looking to make its client’s IT implementation and IT equipment disposal as easy as possible. Right from the start of using a product for the first time to its final stage, S2S Group’s services can help make the process of IT lifecycle management as painless as possible.

    How does S2S Group assist you with managing your business’s IT assets?

    S2S Group offers imaging and deployment services for brand new business assets, enabling the replication of system software across multiple assets for ‘plug-and-play’ use. With options to distribute straight to your remote worker’s homes or your main office, S2S Group can tailor its imaging service to suit you and your staff.

    For end-of-life IT, S2S Group can collect, refurbish, and return assets quickly and sustainably to help your business get the most use possible out of its electronic refurbishment process.

    Disposing of business electronic equipment ethically

    S2S Group sends documentation to its clients for proof of service upon completion of all services. S2S Group provides certificates for customers to confirm all data has been safely and securely erased.

    The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

    FAQs: What customers need to know about the services that S2S Group offers.

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