Asset Management for Healthcare Organisations

Protection of employee and patient data within the healthcare system is of paramount importance. The reputation of organisations within this sector is arguably more vital than in any other, patient data for example must be secured to the highest levels, breaches of such data can lead to irreparable damage and significant penalties.

ITAD Services for Healthcare Sector

S2S Group have created a range of ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) services suitable for the healthcare providers including:

  • Healthcare equipment providers
  • Healthcare providers and services both in the public and private sectors
  • Healthcare technology companies
  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical businesses.
  • Bespoke Solutions for Healthcare Providers

    The S2S Group protects its healthcare client data and reputation at all costs by eliminating information security risks associated with data bearing IT assets. This is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all IT equipment, certified to all relevant standards. Including certification to ADISA Standard 8.0, approved by the ICO to ensure complete GDPR compliance.

  • Certification for Data Erasure and Recycling
  • Remarketing Options Available
  • End-to-End Project Management
  • S2S Group and Data Security in the Healthcare Sector

    Specialising in secure and environmentally responsible IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, S2S Group addresses the distinct data security requirements of the healthcare industry. Ensuring compliant disposal of end-of-life assets, including data-bearing devices, in strict adherence to data protection regulations and industry standards.

    Certified Data Destruction: S2S Group employs certified data destruction methods to guarantee the irreversible destruction of all data on retired assets, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches. This dedication to certified processes ensures healthcare organisations benefit from a robust level of data security.

    Environmental Sustainability: Going beyond the secure management of IT assets, S2S Group places a priority on environmentally sustainable disposal and refurbishment practices tailored to the healthcare sector. Aligned with relevant regulations, ensures sustainability in the context of IT asset management, reflecting the environmental consciousness integral to the healthcare industry.

    Compliance and Certification: S2S Group assures compliance with data protection laws and regulations specific to the healthcare sector, providing healthcare organisations with the confidence that their end-of-life assets are handled in strict accordance with industry standards. We take pride in holding all relevant accreditations, further ensuring the highest service levels for the healthcare industry.

    The Critical Imperative of Secure Data Centre Decommissioning

    FAQs: What customers need to know about the services that S2S Group offers.

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