Certified IT Asset Disposal

S2S Group’s processes are monitored and approved to the highest of industry standards, including ADISA, NPSA, and ISO 27001 certifications.


Have complete confidence in S2S Group’s services, as it always complies with the highest quality and security standards. Unlike other IT Recyclers, S2S Group is regularly audited by industry bodies to ensure it continues to meet environmental, quality, and data security requirements.

With over 16 licences and certificates, S2S Group take pride in being one of the most widely certified IT Asset Disposal Companies in the UK.

  • ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001
  • Regular audits by Certification bodies
  • Blancco Gold ITAD Partner
  • Destruction to HMG IA Standard No 5
  • NSA Approved Garner Degaussing equipment
  • NPSA Approved Destruction equipment
  • Certified to ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 DIAL 3
  • Ecovadis Silver Sustainability Rating
  • Intellectual Property/Patented Product Destruction

    Many sectors generate intellectual property and patented products, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, healthcare and medical devices, automotive and aerospace, telecommunications, and more.

    Various policies and legislations, such as ISO 27001, the Government Security Classification Policy (GSCP), and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Guidelines, offer these sectors frameworks for effectively managing information security risks, particularly regarding secure data disposal.

    S2S Group takes pride in achieving over 16 licenses and accreditations, including ISO certifications (27001, 14001, 9001), NSA Garner degaussing equipment approved, and adherence to HMG IA Standard No.5 for destruction. This positions S2S Group as one of the most certified IT Asset Disposal companies in the UK.

    Leveraging this extensive certification, S2S Group can tailor its services to align with the unique needs and requirements of organisations. Equipped with cutting-edge shredding equipment, S2S Group has the capability to physically shred electronics down to 2mm, ensuring the irreversible destruction of both data and assets and thereby guaranteeing data security.

    Copies of S2S Group’s current certificates and policies can be downloaded below:

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