Data Protection and the Insurance Sector

As the insurance industry is comprised of businesses which offer risk management, it follows that the data that these companies hold is equally well protected from the risk of breaches.

Eliminating Risk

S2S Group over the past 30 years has built a reputation for eliminating information security risks associated with data bearing IT assets. During that period S2S Group has worked with a range of insurance companies including:

  • Accident and health insurers
  • Property and casualty insurers
  • Financial guarantors
  • Personal insurers including auto, health, property, and life cover.
  • Legally compliant IT Asset Management

    S2S Group adheres rigorously to the most stringent security standards and protocols during the disposal of IT equipment within the realm of the insurance industry, thereby safeguarding customer data. S2S Group is further committed to compliance by extending to certification by reputable entities, such as ADISA. The ADISA Standard 8.0 which S2S Group are certified to ensures GDPR compliance.

    • Data Erasure and Recycling Certification
    • Remarketing options available
    • End-to-end project management
    • S2S Group and Data Security in the Insurance Sector

      Specialising in secure and environmentally responsible IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, S2S Group focuses on the insurance sector’s unique data security needs. We guarantee the compliant disposal of end-of-life assets, including data-bearing devices, in accordance with data protection regulations and industry standards.

      Certified Data Destruction: S2S Group utilises certified data destruction methods to ensure the irreversible destruction of all data on retired assets, mitigating the risk of data breaches. This commitment to certified processes provides insurance firms with a high level of data security.

      Environmental Sustainability: Going beyond the secure management of IT assets, S2S Group places a priority on environmentally sustainable disposal and refurbishment practices, aligning with relevant regulations and ensuring sustainability in the context of IT asset management. This approach resonates with the environmental consciousness of the insurance industry.

      Compliance and Certification: S2S Group guarantees compliance with data protection laws and regulations, offering legal services firms the assurance that their end-of-life assets are handled in strict accordance with industry standards. S2S Group takes pride in holding all relevant certifications, further ensuring the highest service levels for the insurance sector.

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