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IT services that cover the entire lifecycle

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Whether you’re looking for an IT Asset Management solution for the imaging, supply, and deployment of your hardware or a secure disposal alternative, S2S Group has got you covered.

S2S Group’s secure remarketing and reuse services can help your business save costs on IT hardware while ensuring environmental and legal regulations are met.

A complete end-to-end solution for redundant IT

  • Asset tracking and checking throughout
  • Data Erasure and Recycling Certificates
  • Generate rebate from old kit
  • Refurbishment to the highest standards
  • End-to-end project management

IT Asset Refurbishment

Bring the life back into end-of-life IT. S2S Group can repair and refurbish electronics to the highest standards for reuse, with data erasure included.

IT Asset Refurbishment

Supply, image and deploy IT

Installing new kit? S2S Group can dispose of used IT equipment for recycling and replace your entire fleet as part of our supply, imaging, and deployment scheme.

Supply, image and deploy IT

Track your IT at each stage of the process

S2S Group's processing deploys RF-ID tagging for product moving through every stage of the cycle, granting its clients full visibility through its Online Trakk-IT Portal.

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Secure IT Asset Management Services



S2S Group will collect your IT equipment via its secure courier transport.

STEP 2: Grading and Testing

Assets are RFID tagged on-site before being graded and tested to see if they hold value.

STEP 3: Asset Sanitisation

Items are sanitised before and after processing for complete protection.

STEP 4: Data Erasure

Erasure of all sensitive data on hard drives using NCSC approved Blancco software.

STEP 5: Assets Prepared

Refurbished assets are visually inspected checked and prepared for resale to PAS 141 standards.

STEP 6: Certification

Certification documents issued along with any rebate if applicable.

How to dispose of IT equipment safely

S2S Group is always looking to make its client’s IT implementation and IT equipment disposal as easy as possible. Right from the start of using a product for the first time to its final stage, S2S Group’s services can help make the process of IT lifecycle management as painless as possible.

How does S2S Group assist you with managing your business’s IT assets?

S2S Group’s services include imaging and deployment for brand new business assets, allowing a business’ system software to be replicated across multiple assets for ‘plug-in and play’ use. With options to distribute straight to your remote worker’s homes or your main office, S2S Group can tailor its imaging service to suit you and your staff.

For end-of-life IT, S2S Group can collect, refurbish, and return assets quickly and sustainably so your business can get the most use possible out of its electronic refurbishment process.

Disposing of business electronic equipment ethically

All S2S Group services are completed with documentation sent to its clients for proof of service. Reassure your clients and customers their data has been safely disposed of with certifications of its services.

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    Secure IT Asset Management Services

    Documentation for peace of mind

    Recycling certificate example

    Request an example of S2S Group's Data Erasure reports, Recycling Certificates, and Resale Reports which are included as part of its service.

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