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All Handsets Older Than the iPhone 6s Will Not Be Compatible with Apple’s Latest Operating System, iOS 13

‘It’s out with the old and in with the new’ as Apple announces the release of its next instalment of iOS 13 at their latest annual developer conference which will contain some of the best features ever to land on the iPhone.

Since then however, we have now come into 2020’s, and the release of the newer iOS 14 also leaves all models of iPhones older than the iPhone 6 with the now out of date iOS 12.

As Apple continues to create more advanced iOS models which are more demanding on the devices they are used on, this will inevitably force older devices into redundancy, as they no longer offer the most recent security systems.

This isn’t the first time Apple has decided to disregard old devices from it’s latest iOS software.

In 2018, a similar issue occurred with the iOS 12 update, which was not distributed to any models older than the iPhone 5s.

As Apple continues to advance its mobile technology, it’s clear that this pattern is only going to remain the same. But what does this mean for your business?

Any business that operates with corporate mobile phones needs to be aware of the incompatibilities with iOS.

Your company devices can pose a threat to your mobile security if they are not supported by the latest operating system. It’s important that IT assets are consistently updated to the latest system changes. This will ensure the device has the latest bug and security fixes.

An outdated iOS version on your devices could result in you missing out on new, efficient features.

how compatible are your iPhone Models?

This is a chance for Apple to encourage users to update to the latest iPhone Model. But this is resulting in several obsolete devices that users may throw away to landfill.

If you are thinking of upgrading, make sure you have a secure solution in place for old mobile phones that hold valuable business information. A data erasure process is essential to protect personal or sensitive data.

At S2S, we can securely dispose of your device in the most environmentally friendly way, offering a cash rebate for your old models.

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