How to arrange a safe and secure WEEE collection

WEEE Recycling: How to arrange a safe and secure collection
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Ensuring your business’ electrical waste is disposed of sustainably and safely may seem complicated and time consuming. We at S2S are big advocates for recycling WEEE to protect the planet and save precious resources from landfill. We also believe in making the process of disposing of your WEEE as safe, simple, and secure as possible, so we’ve laid out how the process works, so you can get started with your first collection.

1. Enquire via phone, email, or contact form

Contact a member of our specialist team with your required service. Whether you have 600 laptops or 50 phones, we can help you figure out the best service for your equipment to save you money and protect your data. 

If you are unsure of what sort of service you need, we can contact you to help you figure out how to best dispose of your redundant assets. Be aware of how you want your assets to be disposed of so a member of our team can best match your needs to our different services. 

If you wish to be present at the destruction of your assets, let us know. S2S can offer an on-site punching and shredding service, where all your electronics are disposed of in front of you, for full peace of mind and security.

2. Send pictures or fill out an equipment list

Before an ITAD can provide you with a cost-effective quote, a list of equipment needs to be developed so the value of the WEEE can be determined before recycling. This is useful as some assets may provide you with a cash rebate, and some assets may contain hazardous materials and require special treatment.

If you know what WEEE you need for collection, you can fill out a simple equipment list which includes the make and type of equipment for recycling. For example, this could be 20 Dell monitors and 15 iPad minis. However, if you are not sure how to identify the electronics you have, taking a simple picture and sending it to your account manager can help them create an overview for you.

Be sure to include any dangerous elements before a team comes out to collect it. Leaking batteries or broken glass could be dangerous to staff, so letting us know allows us to bring the needed equipment to remove it safely.

3.Quick Quote and WEEE Collection

Once you and your account manager have developed a list of WEEE in need of recycling, they can send you a quotation for the cost of your required services. 

With the quote generated, we can arrange a date for collection which suits you. A time and day which allows for our vehicles to be able to park nearby are needed to make the process as quick as possible and reduce how long our team spend at your site.

Our team are committed to keeping you and your staff as safe possible during the pandemic. Because of this, all our collection team wear masks and can do a contactless collection to minimise the risk of infection. If your business has any special requirements for pick-up, or your assets are located on a higher floor, let us know so we can accommodate you.

Finally – Receive Rebate and Certification

Once your assets have been taken to our site and processed through the required services, we send you certifications and any rebate from valuable assets electronically. 

Our certificates ensure your WEEE has been disposed of safely and in accordance with UK government guidelines. Our service certificates are yours to display to your customers and auditors to show you dispose of your WEEE using sustainable and eco-friendly means. 

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