Unlocking 5 Compelling Reasons to Start Recycling Your IT

Reasons to recycle your IT, and ways to do it
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Each year businesses build-up redundant IT equipment and old electronics they may never think about using again or recycling. Laptops, computers, and phones could have a second-life through reuse and recycling, but why should businesses do it?

1. We all have a duty to social responsibility

In many business operations, corporate social responsibility helps to ensure that we do that bit extra for the environment and other communities. Your organisation may already recycle its paper and cardboard, but implementing IT recycling could be just as easy.

Why have an E-waste drop-off point? Infographic

Using a drop-off point or collection days for your employee’s and company’s old devices could be a simple way to gather and send off old assets for recycling. For every asset you recycle, you’re preventing the loss of useful materials and helping save a useful asset from landfill.

2. Recycling and reuse could save you money

When buying IT, whether for personal or work use, we may think newer is better and to get top performing kit, we have to shell out for the brand new devices on the market. But this is simply not true. 

In actuality, buying refurbished assets can save your business a lot of capital and help the environment. Professionally refurbished equipment performs like new and can last you just as long as anything bought new. As well as this, if you hand in your old assets for refurbishment and reuse, you can often gain rebate. 

3. Recycling through an ITAD prevents data loss

Often when an asset becomes unusable, the files are deleted and a factory reset is performed before it is thrown away. Unfortunately, this doesn’t dispose of all the data on those devices and can leave sensitive information recoverable.

How your business deals with client data on a redundant asset is important. Using an ITAD partner for the recycling process helps to prevent data breaches, as assets are cleaned using a professional data wiping system and then taken apart where they can be recycled or reused.

4. Your employees and customers want you to recycle

The process of how customers buy from businesses has changed a lot in recent years. Where people once looked for the cheapest option for the best product, now we care more about who we are buying from and what sort of business we are supporting.

When we look at shopping online, more external factors matter to us than price. Showing your customers and employees that you care about what happens to your old IT is a simple way to boost reputation and shows your business cares about its impact on the environment.

4 Ways an ITAD partner can help you reuse and recycle.

5. IT Recycling doesn’t need to be complicated

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams globally. It is important that businesses take action to help tackle the issues of IT ending up landfill, losing valuable materials, and harming the environment. 

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